the avalon family

Avalon, in historical myth, was a place of healing, equality, harmony, and magic.

The family archive, since evoking this name in the present, we’ve experienced events revealing the great force of nature that is Avalon. A force that cleanses and orders inside and outside, on earth, the old ways, hurts, and beliefs, that today are not coherent with our desire.
Avalon is an energetic place where the masculine and feminine exist as complementary forces in creation. Western humans and modern social systems have historically emphasized polarities and divisions, rather than complementary unity. We act with this great force of unity, as it also cleanses us. Meet the family that chooses to work with this force and considers it sacred.
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meet the family

Fredy Velásquez
Shaman & Singer

Poet. Prolific, gentle, and deeply sensitive creator. Musician of the heart. 

Waxy Yawanawá
Yawanawá shaman

Mother. Mountain’s guardian with ancient force, pure heart, and magical voice.

Manari Ushigua Santi
Sápara Shaman

Guardian of the forest and of the Sápara legacy. Change's and preacher of hope.

Wasaru Keneya Yawanawá
Yawanawá Guardian

Guardian of the Yawanawá spirituality. Musician of traditional Yawanawá songs.

Abuelo Comba Nymy Quene
Muisca Shaman

Peaceful grandfather and passionate teacher. Contemplative sharer of words.

Ness Dalgà

Mother. Nurturing, gentle and caring feminine energy creator of safety and security feelings.

Zyta Ïe
Muisca Shaman

Guardian of ancient technology. Defender of tradition and values via guidance.

Benjo Podlech
Psychologist & Medicine Man

Grounded tiger that pushes the limits to wake up the soul potential. Spiritual comedian.

Nicolás Jaramillo
Psychologist & Hypnotherapist

Thinker and curious soul. Detective of everything that remains hidden, to bring it to light.

Mauricio Albanés

Sage. Conventional and alternative medicine integrator. Seeker and sharer of truth.

Nathalie Van Den Hombergh
Integration guide

Amazon woman. Explorer of the depths of the mind and body to provide order and structure.

Lala Hayden
Yoga guide

Feminine creativity that moves artistic energy at the service of consciousness. Social fire.

Katarina Baliova
Medicine woman & guardian

The artist. Sacred prayer guardian. Water spirit musician and singer.

Virginie Sourou
Integration & hypnosis guide

Spiritual aristocrat. Passionate ambassador of healing tools to expand consciousness.

Susy Shikoda
Access Bars Therapist

Caregiver, magician and wonder woman.

Gabriel Sabou
Massage therapist

Noble altruist. Creativity and imagination.

Marina De Haro
Cromatic Chef

Gentle caregiver. Nourishes with love, expand awareness through food, art and color.

Abel Jalal
Chef & Breathwork guide

Humble creator and alchemist. A caring being who lives in full and sincere gratitude.

Maggie Morgan

Divine feminine warrior. Spiritual Alchemist.

Chris Adeyoka

Creative joker. Finding humor, art and compassion in all.

Marta Salcedo
Cacao facilitator

Gentle feminine movement. Sweet reminder of love and inner power with cacao and dance.

Daniel Puig
Cofán Shaman

Conscious troubadour. Leading in the dark with music and words as light.

Morris Gabo

Talented and sensitive jester. Animator of the celebration of life using stories and humor.

Gonzalo Paniagua

Humble and talented creator of peace and harmony through sound and silence.

Mark Lupescu

Messenger. Humble energy channel of sacred music. Precise hands creator and innovator.

Olimpia Zajac

Angel of music and dance. Female innocence that heals with the voice.

Alejandro Carbó
Guardian & Founder

Indigenous knight. Light warrior who grounds and empowers to improve the world.

Sophia Berends
Sherpa & Spiritual host

Dreamy and optimistic damsel. Inner child that connects people with smiles and love.

Ammy Plex
Sherpa & Spiritual host

Loyal caregiver. Devoted and compassionate listener. Nurturing and empathetic server. 

Paula Jubany

Joyful optimist warrior of light. Caregiver.

Xavier Portal

Guardian of light. Diruá masa - member of the dawn people, of the rainbow tribe.

Victor Carbó

Smiling face. Energetic learner of life. Friend of the sacred fire.

Eric van den Hove
Muisca shaman

Jovial druid. Wise elder who shares knowledge by telling stories. Mentor and spiritual guide.

Kuauhtli Vasquez
Nahualt shaman
Cecile Ehlen
Muisca guardian

Pixie fairy. Guardian of the sacred tobacco plant and Mother Earth protector.