Susy Shikoda

Access Bars Therapist


Caregiver, magician and wonder woman.


Access Bars and Essential Mind therapist. Neuro Coach and Mind Trainer.

Personal Journey

I am a citizen of the world, I currently live in London, but have lived in Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, Croatia and Hong Kong.

Daughter of women healers, my grandmother was a witchdoctor, my maternal grandmother delivered babies, I grew up in the middle of Brazilian magic and rituals… the “Orixás” and oriental philosophy (PL – Perfect Liberty).

My mother always took me to participate in ceremonies and spiritual rituals teaching me everything about plants and herbs that heal, I grew up with a very strong spiritual background, since I was a little girl, my mediumship always guided me until one day through a dream, I discovered a tumor under my collarbone that months later brought me the diagnosis of an aggressive breast cancer in advanced stage. The cancer brought me the opportunity to find my real purpose in life, to grow, and to develop aspects of my life that were ignored, dormant, and even unknown.

I developed my innate talents, and learned how to use even more my spirituality, intuition and mind power to heal myself, and during all my cancer treatments, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy I had no side effects, I didn’t lose my hair and even today I take medicine to block the hormones and I am better than before!

It was then that I decided to share with people what I learned, if I made it everyone can make it too and that’s when I became an international speaker and began to inspire people with my story throughout the countries where I lived. I wrote my first book in 2017 “Be Your Own Miracle”, where I teach what I learned from the cancer experience.

But I knew that my soul needed more… and that’s when I started to specialize in the powers of the mind, I became Master in NLP with the creator of the technique Dr. Richard Bandler, I became Neuro Coach MCC, Access Bars, Essential oils educator and currently I’m finishing a post-graduation in neuroscience and psychology.

I have participated in several other works as co-author in the Collections “Extraordinary Leader”, “The Trainer 1", “Extraordinary Women”, and my upcoming book “The Essential 7 Senses – How to use your Mind to Live, Laugh and Love".

I created the “Essential Mind” Training, for people who at some point in their lives have had cancer present in their lives, manifest their dreams or simply to prevent future illnesses. In it I encompassed everything I learned during these years, from the spiritual part to the scientific part, connecting the mind, the brain and the energy.

And going deeper into the energy part, I became a holistic therapist using a therapy discovered by NASA to treat astronauts, PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy), to balance the central energy points, such as the meridians and chakras, energetically recharge (electrons) the cells, and stimulate brain areas like the pineal gland and hemispheres.

I created an international group for women in Hong Kong, “Empowered Sisterhood Entrepreneurs”, that with the globalization is now all over the world, and has as objective to guide, inspire and make them find their best version in all areas of life… professional, intellectual, emotional, relationship and spiritual (energy).

In Brazil and in England I support individually or in groups through seminars and trainings, online or in person, people who are going through or have already gone through cancer, or who simply want to develop other capabilities and prevent future diseases.

Life is so wonderful that it brings everything we need for our evolution. I never doubted that until one day I had my first experience with la Madre Ayahuasca in Brazil, and it was like opening a door to the world where I really belonged. I participated in other ceremonies in Barcelona where I connected all the points of my life, mainly my spirituality in a profound way, reconnecting me with all my ancestors… mis Abuelas y Abuelos, that united me back to Mother Earth, making everyone a big Family!

My mission is my purpose, to teach people that it is possible to heal yourself before you even get sick.

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