Retreats in ibiza

Retreats in ibiza

Oh Ibiza… The land of spirituality, healing, mystical powers, and magical energies all around.
Do you believe a place can change your life?
We do, and we invite you to discover our wellness retreats in Ibiza, where you will leave behind old patterns, structures that no longer serve you, and limiting thoughts.

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Retreats in ibiza


Avalon & Nico Andonakis bring you the very best of Ibiza with a holistic program dedicated to men’s wellness and personal growth. 

Ayahuasca | Avalon: Ayahuasca Retreats In Europe

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Magic Mushrooms retreats

Nature has gifted us, humans, with wonderful goods. But there are few as special as Magic Mushrooms. Let us tell you why…

Ayahuasca | Avalon: Ayahuasca Retreats In Europe


Avalon & Nico Andonakis bring you the very best of Ibiza with a holistic program dedicated to men’s wellness and personal growth. Guided by experts, participants embark on a journey towards becoming better fathers, husbands, lovers, and brothers.

Set against the backdrop of a 400-year-old monastery in the San Miguel forest, our men’s wellness retreats offer a unique opportunity for personal growth and community connection. The experience includes a range of workshops, ceremonies, sharing circles, and discussions around key topics, including nutrition, plus other activities such as movement sessions, meditation, breathwork, ice baths, and more, all tailored towards men’s physical and mental well-being.

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For and by men. Join a curated men’s wellness retreat in Ibiza, and go on the introspective journey of understanding your core wounds and shifting the old patternsthose that no longer serve you in becoming your optimal male self.

Create a new perspective to help you develop a better relationship with yourself and others. 

Receive the support and inspiration of other brothers, reconnect with your body, and create and embrace a daily practice that combines both physical and mindful applications to elevate your mindset and align with your internal warrior. Open yourself to feeling in a group and, most importantly, redefine what masculinity is and choose the type of man you want to be to experience this life. 

Magic Mushrooms retreats in Ibiza

Nature has gifted us, humans, with wonderful goods. But there are few as special as Magic Mushrooms. Let us tell you why…

Mushroom therapy works with the controlled ingestion of psilocybin doses (the active ingredient in psychedelic mushrooms), while guided and supervised by specialists in a comfortable and beautiful environment, where all your senses will be delighted.

Our Magic Mushrooms retreats in Ibiza feature sessions that can last 5 to 7 hours on average and the goal is for participants to immerse themselves in the experiences that arise with no judgement and get in touch with the depths of their mind.

Shamanic Deep Dive Magic Mushrooms Ceremony in Barcelona, Spain (Sep 7, 2024) | Avalon

Shamanic Deep Dive Magic Mushrooms Ceremony

A profound and powerful experience with a Magic Mushrooms ceremonial dose in a compassionate, trauma-informed, shamanic container. Transformation and celebration. For advanced.

Max. 12

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1 day Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms Retreat in Ibiza, Spain (Sep 28, 2024) | Avalon

1 day Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms Retreat in Ibiza

Give yourself time to find your true self. Join a transformative and healing journey in a safe container in the Ibiza forest, combining the wisdom of Magic Mushrooms with therapeutic tools.

Max. 20

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from 399€

6 day Holistic Men's Retreat w/ Plant Medicine in Ibiza, Spain (Oct 28 - Nov 2, 2024) | Avalon

6 day Holistic Men’s Retreat w/ Plant Medicine in Ibiza, Spain

Avalon brings the best of Ibiza, including Magic Mushrooms & San Pedro, to a holistic program for men's work. We guide you to become a better father, husband, lover, and brother – for & by men.

Max. 9

Mushrooms San Pedro 2

Mush & San Pedro


from 2.960€

Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms Ceremony in Barcelona (Dec 7, 2024) | Avalon

Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms Ceremony in Barcelona, Spain

Join a subtle, self-discovery and healing journey in a city safe container combining wisdom of sacred Magic Mushrooms with a therapeutic approach and personalized care. Designed for beginners.

Max. 12

Magic Mushroms 1




Explore your consciousness with a San Pedro Retreat

Alongside the Magic Mushrooms retreat in Ibiza, Avalon also offers you the chance to choose a 1-day San Pedro retreat in Ibiza. This retreat is aimed at people interested in living a state of flow and for those who seek self-knowledge and exploration of consciousness. San Pedro is a master plant that for centuries have been used in sacred rituals.

During the therapeutic process, we use spiritual knowledge and psychic techniques from different cultures. People who participate in the retreat will experience a process of physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual detoxification and cleansing.

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Where do retreats in Ibiza take place?

Ibiza is known as the land of freedom and self-expression, thanks to its very special energy alongside perfect weather and natural beauty all around. It is not by chance that spiritual communities and hippie movements have been historically attracted to this island.

As a result, on the island, you will find some of the best and most experienced healers and therapists, ready to help you start or give continuity to your self-discovery journey. 

Our retreats in Ibiza mostly take place in an elegant, luxurious, and delicate country house in the forest of San Lorenzo. What makes this place especially unique and unforgettable is the 78m2 geodesic dome ceremonial space, surrounded by a beautiful and tranquil forest and garden. Moreover, certain experiences take place on a 34-feet solar energy powered catamaran, which will sail from Els Amunts to discover north-west Ibiza. 

You don’t know how to fit a retreat in Ibiza in your hectic calendar?

Our retreats in Ibiza take just one day!

Don’t know how to get there?

Ibiza is an extremely accessible location in Europe, with direct flights from most of the bigger cities.

The island’s natural beauty, rural life, and simple architecture, alongside the bohemian lifestyle, local and organic food, and hippie markets are just some of the reasons that will make this retreat in Ibiza an unforgettable and transformative experience. 

Go slow, be in the present, and surrender

What is included in your 1-day retreat in Ibiza

(1) Therapeutic Magic Mushrooms or San Pedro ceremony by Benjo Podlech (11 years experience with plant medicines) alongside a psychologist and a coach.

(1) Rapé ceremony (dried tobacco powder) designed to clear the mind and cleanse the body and energy field, used in combination with sacred medicine.

(1) Integration workshop combining art therapy, writing, and a sharing circle.

(1) One-to-one preparation video call.

(1) Online integration follow-up circle.

(1) Ceremonial sunset family supper. Share the transformation with like-minded people around a table and share colours, textures, flavours, minerals, vitamins, probiotics, prebiotics, and fermentations. Everything your body needs to land after the journey. 

(1) Food awareness workshop (in Ibiza’s Magic Mushrooms ceremonies) – food as medicine.

Transport service from/to Ibiza airport or town.

Enjoy a special ceremony in a very safe setting, with a high facilitator-to-guest ratio, in order to guarantee you feel supported at all times. The support starts before the retreat, with an Avalon family member assigned to guide you through the preparation and integration, and will continue after the retreat. 

Join the Avalon family and you will never be alone again.

Ayahuasca Retreats in Ibiza

Avalon is preparing new plant medicine retreats and ceremonies in Ibiza, inviting participants to join a transformative journey encompassing traditional healing practices. Ayahuasca retreats in Ibiza with Avalon blend traditional ceremonies with supportive therapies led by experienced shamans and facilitators. The program includes Ayahuasca and Rapé ceremonies, integration workshops, yoga, breathwork, meditation, and more, designed for deep self-exploration and healing. Avalon ensures a safe, nurturing container for profound personal growth, offering pre-retreat preparation and post-retreat support to integrate the experience into daily life.

Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats in Ibiza are set in a luxurious Ibizan country house surrounded by the serene San Lorenzo forest, featuring a 78m2 geodesic dome for ceremonies. The retreat settings are carefully chosen to enhance the healing journey, offering comfortable and serene environments that allow for introspection and growth. Participants also enjoy access to outdoor areas, a pool, and gardens. Avalon is committed to providing a nurturing space where participants can feel supported throughout their journey, including thorough preparation before the retreat and ongoing support afterward.

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