Private ayahuasca retreats & other bespoke retreats

We want to start by giving you a big welcome to Avalon! You are not here by chance, something within you guided your eyes here. This is your call to listen to your desires and pursue your healing journey. 

Do you desire spiritual awakening but don’t know where to start?

Have you always wished to participate in ancestral medicine ceremonies, but the thought of doing it with a lot of people scares you?

Do you wish for something private, personalized and focused on you?

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We want to help you release all the doubts, worries and fears and invite you to fully trust the high-quality services provided to you by our professional family of special humans. For that, you will find on this page all the information you need to have about our private ayahuasca retreats, from beginning to end. 

We will cover topics such as the ayahuasca itself, other sacred medicines used in our private ceremonies like Magic Mushrooms, Cacao, Peyote and others, as well as different therapies used during our private retreats such as yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy and others. Finally, all your questions about logistic details such as locations, transportation, accommodation and food will be promptly answered here. 

If by the end of this page you need further clarification or details about our retreats and possibilities, please feel free to fill in our questionnaire and we will promptly get back to you with a personalized answer. We love hearing from you!

Tailor-made private retreats to suit your wishes

At Avalon we offer a lot of diverse retreat options. You will find Holistic Ayahuasca Retreats, Therapeutic Magic Mushroom Retreats, Wellness Retreats, Retreats for Anxiety, Retreats for Depression, etc. These retreats can have the duration of one, four or six days and they held a maximum of 22 people. 

What if you want to participate in one of our retreats, but you would rather do it privately or you have a specific idea of what you are looking for?

Book yourself a private retreat, tailor made to fit all your needs and wishes. After all, it is YOUR journey of self-discovery, healing and spiritual expansion and no one better than you to know what you truly need. 

With our private retreats and private ceremonies everything is up for discussion and negotiation. You decide who is coming, the family members you want present, the program, the medicines, the menu…. You can even decide the location!

This private ceremony will be carefully designed and customized for you, so we kindly ask you to contact us with plenty of time, so we can start tailoring your private retreat at least one month before the desired date. Keep in mind that you are not reserving a table at a restaurant or booking tickets for a show. You are planning your own spiritual awakening. You are planning what could be a forever life changing experience. 

At Avalon we don’t wish to simply comply with your expectations. We wish to surprise you with an experience beyond your wildest dreams. With that in mind, please give us the proper time to ensure that every detail is carefully crafted and that everything is prepared to receive you at your tailor-made private retreat. 

Whether you are looking for a private Ayahuasca retreat, a private yoga retreat, a private retreat for couples or even a team building private retreat, Avalon is here to make all your wishes come true.

What are the advantages of an Avalon Private Retreat?

An Avalon private Ayahuasca retreat, carefully designed to meet your unique needs, is a perfect opportunity to heal all your open wounds. The ultimate goal of a private retreat is to assist you in getting rid of your limiting beliefs, help you implement new healthy practices in your daily life and finally provide a transforming experience that will allow you to find more balance in your life through these wonderful and powerful ancestral medicines. People seek Avalon’s private retreats for different reasons and that is why customizing it to suit your own individual preferences is a step further into reaching your goal.  Everyone is unique and everyone has a story. These are some of the advantages shared by previous individuals who embarked on a private retreat or private ceremony. 

Where can these private retreats take place?

What you are being offered here is the chance of a private retreat, tailor-made especially for you individually or together with  your family, friends, romantic partner or business partner. 

In this private retreat you have the possibility of choosing every detail, including the location of your private ceremony. 

We have amazing commodities in wonderful locations such as Barcelona and Ibiza, in Spain. Expect the finest accommodations, all surrounded by tropical green landscapes.

However, if you know the perfect space where you would like your private retreat to be held, you can communicate that to us and we will do our best, as always, to make your vision come true, exactly how you have imagined it. Avalon’s team is available to you all over Spain and, in case of a private retreat where no sacred medicine will be involved, we can even meet you in any part of the world you would like us to!

Tell us all about your preferences, after all, this all about YOU!

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Who is the retreat aimed for?

This retreat is aimed for anyone and everyone who has felt the inner call for change;

Anyone who feels stuck in the matrix and is looking for a way out;

Anyone seeking to connect to their divine power and transcend the physical, material and economical world;

Anyone ready to start treating their bodies as temples and transform the darkness with, light, kindness and freedom. 

If you are reading this information, this is most likely not by chance. You have reached this far because you are following a call to deepen your knowledge about yourself and the world, about your inner being.

Since this is a private retreat, whether that is a private Ayahuasca retreat or a private yoga retreat, you are in charge of deciding who is invited to it.

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1 on 1 private retreat

Everything is possible! Including a private retreat where you are the one and only guest, besides our beloved family.
In the ordinary world it is extremely difficult to find time for ourselves and to be free of external pressures or worries so, a private 1 on 1 retreat is the best gift you could ever offer yourself
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Private retreats for couples

Are you in love? What a fantastic gift love is!

How lucky are you for being able to grow with a loving partner by your side and how incredibly blessed is your partner to have you rooting for them.
Take a moment to reflect and be grateful for the love you have in your life right now.

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Private corporate retreats

The pandemic has pushed us indoors and forced us to rethink the way we work. Remote work has been growing tremendously in the last two years and it looks like this trend is not going anywhere. 

The way we work has definitely changed. And that has implications. 

What type of medicines can I include in these private retreats?

At our private bespoke retreats, we offer the possibility of working with several different ancestral medicines. Choose one or combine your favorites.

Among the medicines available you will find:



Ayahuasca (“rope of the dead” or “vine of the souls” in Quechua) is a typically dark and dense brew made from two plants. One of them is the source of the psychoactive compound (DMT) and the second contains various substances called MAOIs (MonoAminoOxidase Inhibitors). holistic ayahuasca retreat bufo alvarius 1

Bufo Alvarius

Bufo Alvarius is a toad that lives in the Sonoran Desert in Mexico and from which organic 5-MEO-DMT is extracted. It is important to mention that to obtain said substance the toad does not suffer or die.

Bufo Alvarius, is known as the entheogen most powerful in the world.


Magic Mushrooms

Everything is possible! Including a private retreat where you are the one and only guest, besides our beloved family.
In the ordinary world it is extremely difficult to find time for ourselves and to be free of external pressures or worries so, a private 1 on 1 retreat is the best gift you could ever offer yourself


Peyote is a cactus from the deserts of Mexico and the United States that contains mescaline.

Different native peoples of North America and Mesoamerica have traditionally used Peyote since 5700 years ago  for medical and religious purposes. holistic ayahuasca retreat kambo2 1


The sweat of the phosphorescent green frog is said to raise our energy level by doing a deep cleaning of your physical and astral body. Amazon natives believe it cures diseases.


Rapé is a preparation based on the leaves of the tobacco plant, dried, ground and combined with other aromatic plants and ashes of sacred trees, consumed through the nose.


Cacao begins to have a physical effect between 30 and 45 minutes after consuming it. It accelerates the blood flow in our body bringing clarity and presence.
We have years of experience in the use and management of these ancestral medicines throughout the world. These medicines are a gift of nature to help you clean, heal, eliminate all kinds of blockages of the mind and assist you in releasing negative emotions, limiting beliefs, negative behavior patterns or unconsciously accumulated stress throughout life. The ultimate goal of our private Ayahuasca ceremonies or whatever medicine you choose is for you to  find yourself and reconnect with the feeling of love, peace and tranquility that you so desire. All these medicines are sacred, just as sacred as you are.

What therapies can I order for my private retreat?

Ancestral medicines are a big part of our bespoke retreats here at Avalon. However, you can work towards spiritual enlightenment in many other ways that do not have to include medicine. 

Combine your favorite ancestral medicines with other practices and therapies that will work together towards your goal. 

Our bodies are living villages inhabited by our ancestors. In order to listen to their voices, we need to silence ourselves and engage in practices that open ourselves to hearing. It is very difficult to do it by ourselves and that is why we have developed certain practices that help our bodies and our minds being capable of listening, learning and receiving  

Some of the therapies you can have on your private retreat include:

These are just suggestions to help you customize and build your perfect private ayahuasca retreat. As long as we can provide the service you wish to have, we will. The only limit is your imagination!

Fill in our form for more information on our private retreats

FAQ's about our Ayahuasca retreats

The 6-day retreat was designed especially for first-timers or those without much experience. At Avalon we create a container where deep and lasting personal transformations can be generated, and this requires time. The 6-day retreat with 4 ayahausca ceremonies allows more space to establish a relationship with the plant - difficulty connecting is common among first-time participants - as well as to correctly integrate the experience.

Full effects of Ayahuasca can take as long as one hour to take effect and ceremonies typically last 4-6 hours from start to finish. However, as we believe in deep transformations, ceremonies at Avalon last 7-8 hours.

Every experience is different for each person. However, most people do remember the whole process and the visions that have appeared to them during the whole ceremony. Learn what happens at an ayahuasca ceremony step by step, here.

Some medications can interact with Ayahuasca in a negative way. Ayahausca is not recommended if you are taking antidepressants, if you have a personal or family history of certain serious psychiatric disorders like bipolar, schizophrenia or borderline personality or if you are pregnant or you think you might be. If this is your case, please, inform the shaman and/or facilitators before you decide to work with Ayahuasca. Working with Ayahuasca also requires staying away from any recreational drugs and alcohol at least 2 weeks before the ceremony.

Our retreats are for a maximum of 21 participants and in the team, depending on the program, we are approximately 25 people including shamans, facilitators, therapists, guardians, musicians, chefs, organizers and volunteers.


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What are the advantages of an Avalon Private Retreat?

It is YOUR private retreat, which means YOU decide what you want to include in it. 

Here are some ideas of commodities and services you can include in your private retreat package:

These are just suggestions to help you customize and build your perfect private ayahuasca retreat. As long as we can provide the service you wish to have, we will. The only limit is your imagination!