Terms and conditions

1. Identification

1.1 WEAREAVALON.LOVE is a registered trademark and website used by LOVE IS THE ANSWER, S.L., a trading company domiciled at Cervantes Street, number 140, floor 2, door 2, in the city of Terrassa (Barcelona), Spain, PC 08221 with VAT B02810588 (from now on, the ORGANIZATION).

1.2 The ORGANIZATION mainly provides its services to the members of the entity ASOCIACIÓN DE CULTURAS ANCESTRALES, which has TIN G19762889 and is domiciled in Barcelona, Spain, at Ramalleres Street, nº 32, PC 08001.

2. Services offered

The services that can be hired on this website are events that take place in Spain. Mainly the events that are offer are retreats or stays of several days and specific sessions in which the objective is to improve the mental and physical well-being of the attendees. In these events, different techniques are practiced and different activities are offered, so they generally have a holistic character.

3. Reserve

3.1 To guarantee attendance at the event, the client must fill out a form with their data (including those of a medical nature) and make a payment (minimum of 75% of the total cost of the event) as a deposit.

3.2 Once the payment has been received and provided that the requirements to be able to attend are met, the ORGANIZATION will confirm the place for the client to attend the chosen event.

3.3 If the client has made the deposit but does not meet the medical requirements required to attend the event or if the ORGANIZATION has severe doubts about the veracity of what the client reflected in the medical questionnaire, the cancellation of the reservation will be made and the full refund of the deposit during the following five days.

4. Prices and payments

4.1 Taxes are included in the prices displayed on the website.

4.2 To pay the deposit for an event, the client may pay by credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.

4.3 The client must pay the remaining amount of the payment no later than the day the event begins. Only cash (in euros) will be accepted as a method of payment for the remaining amount (unless it exceeds the legal maximum allowed by law).

5. Cancellation and refund policy (by the customer)

5.1 The client may cancel his reservation at any time, so he must notify the ORGANIZATION.

5.2 Suppose the client cancels their reservation at least 30 days before the event. In that case, they can transfer 100% of their deposit to the reservation of another event, as long as this takes place within the next 12 months of the event they originally booked. If the client does not use his deposit during that period, he will lose it.

5.3 If the client makes the cancellation less than 30 days in advance, they will lose 100% of the deposit and will not have the option to transfer his deposit to another event.

5.4 The deposit will be refundable in none of the above cases.

5.5 If, for any reason, the client leaves the event before its completion, the proportional part of it will not be reimbursed.

6. Cancellation and refund policy (by the organization)

6.1 The ORGANIZATION reserves the right, in any circumstance, to cancel an event.

 6.2 In the event that the ORGANIZATION cancels an event, it will offer the client the possibility of transferring that reservation to other dates or a full refund of all the payment made.

7. Travel to the place of the event and travel insurance

7.1 The trip to the place of the event or to the location to move to the place where the client will be picked up by the ORGANIZATION is the responsibility of the client and is at their own cost. The ORGANIZATION will not be responsible for the consequences derived from delays or cancellations of any of the companies with which you have arranged your trip, nor for any irregularity in your documentation required to travel.

7.2 Due to what was stated in the previous point, if the client travels to the event from abroad, the ORGANIZATION recommends that they take out travel insurance that covers their activity, as well as unexpected flight cancellations, illnesses or other problems.

8. Changes in the event program

During the events, it may happen that typology changes are made in the activities or in the schedules due to unforeseen events unrelated to the ORGANIZATION. In these cases, the ORGANIZATION will inform the client as soon as possible and will make the changes for similar activities or with schedules that interfere the least in the event.

9. Health

If the ORGANIZATION is aware of:
a) The client’s health conditions differ from those reflected in the medical questionnaire.
b) That the client’s physical or psychological state is incompatible with the activity to be carried out.
c) That the client has ignored the instructions communicated by the ORGANIZATION.
The ORGANIZATION reserves the right to limit the client’s attendance at any event activities to guarantee their well-being.

10. Responsability for customers' personal objects

10.1 The ORGANIZATION is not responsible for the loss or damage suffered by clients’ personal belongings during the events, as long as they are not caused by personnel of the ORGANIZATION itself.

10.2 The ORGANIZATION advises clients to maintain the usual precautions with their valuables and if they have something very valuable that they wish to protect, they should contact the person in charge of the ORGANIZATION.

11. Intellectual property and rights

The client acknowledges and accepts that the Organization holds and is the owner of the intellectual, industrial and image property rights, derived directly or indirectly from the activities carried out during the event, without further limitation than the LOPDGDD and RPGD.

12. Problem during events

If a problem arises during the event, the client must inform the person in charge of the ORGANIZATION at that time so that he can solve it.