Ammy Plex

Sherpa & Spiritual host


Loyal caregiver. Devoted and compassionate listener. Nurturing and empathetic server. 


Traveler's companion. Assistant.

Personal Journey

My name is Ammy Plex. Growing up in a fairytale forest in Sweden, I experienced the healing power of nature at an early age. With a curious and sensitive mind, I craved the balance between the stimulus of a big city and the healing source of nature. After burnout at twenty-five, I found healing in yoga and meditation and have practised daily since 2011. The path of deep inner work and spiritual practice became my medicine.

Yoga and meditation felt like coming home to my body. A place where I could breathe and my anxious mind could go quiet. As I could feel the intense healing process after my burnout, I went to classes four times a week.

After a challenge of daily practice 100 days in a row, I studied a 1-year teacher training for the international ISHTA-yoga in Stockholm. Training with well-known teachers such as Swedish Ulrica Norberg and Sarah and Alan Finger from New York City. ISHTA stands for Integrated Science of Hata, Tantra, and Ayurveda. After finishing my training, I went to an Ayurvedic Ashram in India to train with a traditional yoga master.

Constantly questioning everything I wondered what else there was in life than what was already pre-set for us in society. After realising that the use of alcohol wasn’t serving me at all, I quit and found that life was way richer than I thought -with all my senses fully onboard.

After moving to Barcelona, I came in contact with plant medicines for the first time in 2021. Starting with Magic Mushrooms ceremonies. It has been a beautiful journey that led me to my first Ayahuasca ceremony in 2022, connecting me with divine love and gratitude.

In January 2024, I felt the call of the jungle. I embarked with Susy Shikoda on a trip to Mawa Yuxyn, one of the most sacred places for the Yawanawá people, the indigenous territory of Rio Gregório in Acre. Guided by Waxy Yawanawá we participated in uni (Ayahuasca) and kampum (Kambó) ceremonies.

This experience was the biggest challenge in my life at that time, but also the most beautiful heart-opening. I managed to adapt to life in the jungle, I surrendered, and my fears were finally gone. After, I had a much deeper relationship with nature and a self-confidence and strength in myself that I did not know was possible.

Today, my daily yoga and meditation practice is with me wherever I go and is a place for me to come back to the centre. Understanding that everything I do with my body will have an impact on my mind, I’ve been trying different ways over the years to optimise my health and wellness. What time to go to sleep, what and when to eat, movement, and relationships - which led me to my deep interest in biohacking. Life might be a rollercoaster sometimes, but with my daily routines, I stay centred.

I’m deeply passionate about health, biohacking, and spirituality. You will find me in cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dances, breath works, and biohacking events. I believe that when we prioritise our own well-being, our unique brilliance comes to life.

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Situación COVID-19

Debido a la situación excepcional que vivimos, ofrecemos condiciones muy flexibles y ajustadas a los posibles aplazamientos y cancelaciones.

1. En tiempos de Covid-19, es importante contar con proveedores que os apoyen. Por ese motivo, nosotros os mantendremos las condiciones pactadas aunque tengáis que cambiar el día de la boda.

2. Las pagas y señales depositadas son válidas para las fechas reservadas y los posibles aplazamientos causados por la situación actual, sin coste adicional.

3. Si os casáis entre lunes y jueves, o en temporada baja (del 15 de noviembre al 15 de marzo), aplicamos un descuento del 10% sobre la tarifa de la actuación. *Excepto vigília de festivo.

Y si surgiera alguna incompatibilidad debido a los cambios, siempre os propondremos alternativas de calidad: es lo bueno de contar con un gran equipo de músicos profesionales. Queremos estar a vuestro lado en esta complicada situación, y ayudaros en todo lo posible. Gracias por vuestra confianza, sin vosotros El piano de tu boda no sería lo mismo.