Nicolás Jaramillo

Psychologist & Hypnotherapist


Thinker and curious soul. Detective of everything that remains hidden, to bring it to light.


Clinical psychologist, sexologist, hypnotherapist, and EMDR therapist for trauma-PTSD. Facilitator of integration and guidance.

Personal Journey

My name is Nicolás Jaramillo and my journey began way before my professional path started, as a member of a multicultural home, I was always observing and trying to understand the WHYs and the HOWs behind people’s intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics and their impact on people’s lives. That led me to study and graduate as a clinical psychologist and also, to my own path of healing and understanding my own traumas and PTSD. Expanding into myself and the understanding of others.

On this path, I worked with kids and adults from different socioeconomic statuses, and from different cultures, I got experience from working with severe mental health issues at a psychiatric hospital in my home country, Ecuador. I continued my clinical practice ever since.

I studied and graduated as a clinical and educational sexologist, a clinical hypnotherapist (specialized in paresthesia, anesthesia, hypnopediatrics, dissociation, regressions, etc), an EMDR therapist (trauma and PTSD therapy), bioenergetic therapist (body-focused psychotherapy), sexological bodyworker, massage therapist and group facilitator. Taking from each and every one of these disciplines and methods, a new way, an integral way, to approach my work as well as my personal expansion, as not only have I been a student, but a patient and a practitioner of each and every one of these.

Working with sexuality opened, a most important door for me, that nurtured every aspect of my life. And by walking through it, I realized that it has to do way more than with sex, pleasure, affections, human bonding, its taboos, etc. but with the movement and expression of life (and by its connection, of death and transformation) in each and every one of us. Sexuality and plant medicines opened up my connection to spirit and life, in ways I wasn’t even able to comprehend, at least not with the mind, is like a blindfold came off and suddenly I could see, feel, and breathe life in a different way.

Nowadays, I continue learning about mental health, and psychedelics, from a scientific and ancient cultural way, as well as their use for therapeutic and ritualistic purposes, and of course sexuality, from an integrated perspective.

I dedicate myself, with much respect, gratefulness, curiosity, flexibility, and carefulness to sharing my knowledge-experience and to walking beside others whether it is by teaching, facilitating groups and integration processes, workshops, retreats, and of course, going deeper into integral therapy sessions. I realized that when I get to see and touch someone’s soul, I get touched back. And for that, I’m forever humbled and grateful.

Situación COVID-19

Debido a la situación excepcional que vivimos, ofrecemos condiciones muy flexibles y ajustadas a los posibles aplazamientos y cancelaciones.

1. En tiempos de Covid-19, es importante contar con proveedores que os apoyen. Por ese motivo, nosotros os mantendremos las condiciones pactadas aunque tengáis que cambiar el día de la boda.

2. Las pagas y señales depositadas son válidas para las fechas reservadas y los posibles aplazamientos causados por la situación actual, sin coste adicional.

3. Si os casáis entre lunes y jueves, o en temporada baja (del 15 de noviembre al 15 de marzo), aplicamos un descuento del 10% sobre la tarifa de la actuación. *Excepto vigília de festivo.

Y si surgiera alguna incompatibilidad debido a los cambios, siempre os propondremos alternativas de calidad: es lo bueno de contar con un gran equipo de músicos profesionales. Queremos estar a vuestro lado en esta complicada situación, y ayudaros en todo lo posible. Gracias por vuestra confianza, sin vosotros El piano de tu boda no sería lo mismo.