Ayahuasca retreats

The word Ayahuasca comes to us from the heart of the Amazon, the mother forest. Five million square kilometers of jungle that crosses nine nations of the South American continent and which is home to more than 2,500 species of trees and more than 30,000 of plants.

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For the indigenous peoples of the forest, in its spiritual meaning, means “dead man’s vine”. Vine is the common name for climbing plants that wrap themselves around the trunks of trees as if they were ropes. This is a fantastic metaphorical image for the power of this mystical drink, ingested since ancient times in sacred rituals and for medicinal purposes, to purge and heal

If this resonates with what you are looking for, you are definitely in the right place. Do you want to take part of one of our Ayahuasca retreats? Take a look at everything we have to offer…

Upcoming Ayahuasca retreats

4 day Holistic Ayahuasca Retreat w/ Fredy Velásquez | Avalon
Fredy Velásquez is a native healer and musician from Colombia and also the singer of the famed Grupo Putumayo. Fredy has spent the last 20 years bringing the medicine and songs of his land.

Max. 21

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from 1.950€

Holistic Ayahuasca Retreat | Avalon: Ayahuasca Retreats In Europe
Avalon takes you on a holistic self-discovery and deep healing journey combining ancient wisdom of sacred plant Ayahuasca with a strong integration program and personalized care.

Max. 21

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from 2.350€

Holistic Ayahuasca Retreat | Avalon: Ayahuasca Retreats In Europe
At Avalon we are already working on retreats for next year. If you want to receive the details, please add yourself to the waitlist and we will send them to you soon. Gratitude for your patience.

Max. 21

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from 1.950€

What is an ayahuasca retreat?

Follow the shamanic call and embrace

We want you to know that you already have all the necessary light within you. Unfortunately, due to our extremely fast paced lifestyle, we don’t always have the chance to nurture our inner light as we would like to. Open your heart and allow yourself to disconnect with the world and reconnect with yourself at a 4–6-day ayahuasca retreat, to help speed the process of ascension. It is said that Buddhists can take up to 20 years to achieve, what we can achieve with just a few Ayahuasca ceremonies.

Feel the connection and find the balance between body, mind, and spirit in this journey of the senses that combines Yoga, Holotropic Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, Healing Massage, Ayahuasca ceremonies and purifying rituals such as Kambó, all in a safe space, in an easily accessible location.

We are talking about a sacred plant experience and, in order to achieve the best outcome possible it is crucial the right mindset and setting (physical and social environment). A retreat allows for the perfect container for you to receive this amazing experience in its full capacity.

Show yourself some well-deserved love and allow yourself to embark on this journey of light. Follow your intuition and may that intuition lead you to us. We await you with open hearts.

Why take an Ayahuasca retreat in Europe

Thanks to technology and globalization, the world has become smaller, and people are becoming more alike. You, sitting in the comfort of your home, say, in Spain, can be having a live video call with a friend travelling in Canada. You, with an immense thirst of knowledge, can learn and explore about any topic online within seconds. That is why, nowadays, there is no need to go to the depths of the Amazon to experience a genuine and life changing experience. There is no denying that experiencing Ayahuasca in a magical place like the Amazon rainforest is a dream of a lifetime but, in the meantime, at Avalon, we offer you the next best solution – a guided Ayahuasca retreat in Europe, set in a beautiful accessible location, surrounded by nature and clean air.

This experience is a great alternative for those who are seeking to live this unique ceremony closer to home as well as for people who are currently visiting Europe and find themselves in a place in their lives where they would like to take advantage of the opportunity without having to take another long-haul flight.

Close your eyes and picture yourself wearing soft clothes while the sun touching your skin and you are fully immersed into a guided meditation. Now you open your eyes and all you see are beautiful gardens and a wild river. Find a beautiful, calm and joyous safe space to experience this great journey of self-discovery and healing.

Avalon’s ayahuasca retreats

What to expect and how to prepare to receive its teachings

It is hard to predict how much this experience will influence the rest of your life. Come with an open mind and open heart and live days that are fulfilled with joy, light, self-discovery and ancient wisdom.

You won’t believe your eyes when you see yourself surrounded by the most inspiring natural landscape and your heart will be filled with gratitude for the simple fact of being alive, experiencing earth alongside so many other unique creatures.

Where are our Ayahuasca retreats held?

In a small haven that is located an hour and a half away from Barcelona. An amazing modernist building with 5-star amenities will be your home for the retreat, embraced by more than 650.000 square meters of lavish, green gardens, ponds and a swimming pool, as well as Mother Nature at her finest.

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Start this unique journey, alongside like-minded people from all over the world and understand why so many people who have embraced its healing powers describe this sacred plant as the “Origin of Knowledge”. Moreover, you will be in safe hands with experienced shamans, guardians, and the best professionals in each of their fields. Get to know the family more, here.

Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats not only offer a unique setting with an intimate set of people, but you will also have access to top facilities, conscious cuisine and a set of activities and add-ons, such as Bufo Alvarius ceremony, energy healing or hypnotherapy, that will help this self-awareness journey feel even more complete. Work on yourself individually with the Access Bar therapy, let your body indulge in a one-on-one massage and talk about your personal experience in our guidance sessions with experienced professionals.

Moreover, you will also get the chance of sharing experiences with the rest of the group through mediation sessions, Ecstatic Dance, and trust circles. At Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats you will get the whole package.

Ayahuasca retreats for people in the UK and other European countries

Can you take Ayahuasca in the UK? The answer is no. Ayahuasca is currently legislated to be illegal in many European countries, which is why you will not find legal Ayahuasca retreats in the UK or other countries such as Ireland, Sweden, Norway, etc. However, there are some safe havens in Europe, which is the case of Avalon. We are a Spanish-registered assotiation that complies with legal requirements issued by the main regional and national authorities. This is one of the reasons why our Ayahuasca retreats offer a peace of mind to many people around the globe whom would like to take this type of retreat in total safety and in a unique environment.

Moreover, at Avalon, we take pride in acompanying each person through their journey from beginning to end. This means you will get the chance to have a one-on-one online call with our organisers to talk you through the wohle program prior to the date, to prepare you for this journey, will guide you through your experience throughout the retreat, and will follow-up with you afterwards no matter where you are around the World to accompany you through your new-found enlightenment.

At Avalon we treat Ayahuasca with the solemnity, seriousness and sacredness that this ceremony entails.

Close your eyes and picture yourself wearing soft clothes while the sun touching your skin and you are fully immersed into a guided meditation. Now you open your eyes and all you see are beautiful gardens and a wild river. Find a beautiful, calm and joyous safe space to experience this great journey of self-discovery and healing.

Information is power

Understanding Ayahuasca is the first step

In modern western cultures there is an immense lack of education about nature and particularly about plants and their properties. Thankfully, there are still indigenous people that continue to pass their rich knowledge from generation to generation and we should all give our best to preserve and expand this knowledge as much as possible within our capacities through these Ayahuasca retreats.

Nature is more powerful than most human creatures seem to understand and, if we pay close attention, we can easily have all we need within the offerings of the natural universe, including medicine.

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The secret to Ayuahuasca

The secret of Ayahuasca lies in the combination of two plants: the vine of the Caapi vine, from which the roots are extracted, and Chacruna, an arboreal plant of the Rubiaceae family, whose leaves contain the substance DMT, an abbreviation for dimethyltryptamine — chemical substance of group of psychedelics, modifiers of the central nervous system. One of the effects of DMT, according to several studies, is to increase the concentration of serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine in the brain, providing the expansion of the deepest memories of our “self”, which seem to light up in the background of consciousness, revealing a profound lucidity.


About DMT

Even though DMT is considered as a drug in several countries, it is important to note that the natural DMT found in Ayahuasca is not the same as the synthetic substance. Ayahuasca has a very small amount of DMT and its components are the same as ones human beings already naturally produce throughout their life’s. In particular, we create and release DMT large amounts, moments before we are born and die. That is why taking Ayahuasca is considered by all a life changing experience. In the end, there aren’t many life changing events as impactful as being born into this world or leaving the physical world.

FAQ's about our Ayahuasca retreats

The 6-day retreat was designed especially for first-timers or those without much experience. At Avalon we create a container where deep and lasting personal transformations can be generated, and this requires time. The 6-day retreat with 4 ayahausca ceremonies allows more space to establish a relationship with the plant - difficulty connecting is common among first-time participants - as well as to correctly integrate the experience.

Full effects of Ayahuasca can take as long as one hour to take effect and ceremonies typically last 4-6 hours from start to finish. However, as we believe in deep transformations, ceremonies at Avalon last 7-8 hours.

Every experience is different for each person. However, most people do remember the whole process and the visions that have appeared to them during the whole ceremony. Learn what happens at an ayahuasca ceremony step by step, here.

Some medications can interact with Ayahuasca in a negative way. Ayahausca is not recommended if you are taking antidepressants, if you have a personal or family history of certain serious psychiatric disorders like bipolar, schizophrenia or borderline personality or if you are pregnant or you think you might be. If this is your case, please, inform the shaman and/or facilitators before you decide to work with Ayahuasca. Working with Ayahuasca also requires staying away from any recreational drugs and alcohol at least 2 weeks before the ceremony.

Our retreats are for a maximum of 21 participants and in the team, depending on the program, we are approximately 25 people including shamans, facilitators, therapists, guardians, musicians, chefs, organizers and volunteers.