Ayahuasca Visions – A journey of senses

Ayahuasca visions are far from being just an experience that involves sight. It’s a wild mix of all senses, and sometimes can be one at a time being experienced in an incredible amount of detail. 

One’s intention is what initiates, guides, and directs Ayahuasca visions. The questions that are being brought to Ayahuasca are the triggers of the vision. That makes each experience unique for every person. 

There are times when people get to share a common vision and that on its own, serves as an answer to some of their questions. 

Let’s have a look at how Ayahuasca visions be experienced through our 5 senses. 


Sight visions

Ayahuasca visions that have sight as an active component are experiences that bring up shapes, colours, sizes, and stories. 

There are various degrees of how personal the images are and whether we are experiencing them as passive observers, direct actors, or both. 

Given the fact that Ayahuasca ceremonies are experiences that involve more than one person and last up to 8 hours, there’s plenty of time and variety of energy and personalities in the room to create various playgrounds. 

Ayahuasca visions can be based on reality, complete fiction, or an overlay of both. Their role is to trigger your consciousness and so, depending on what we wish to understand, love, forgive or change we are being guided to see certain aspects. 

The visions based on reality are the ones where there’s no hallucinogenic aspect of it. The room is as it is, the people you’re sharing the ceremony with are all there, and the nature outside is still and calm. 

These experiences are usually leading the mind to think – nothing is happening to me – and from there all self-doubt thoughts rush in. What the mind doesn’t know is that your awareness has been sharpened by Ayahuasca just enough to have you catching these thoughts as something outside of you. That’s where your understanding of yourself shifts forever. 

Ayahuasca visions can also be a complete immersion in stories that can be fictional, cartoon-like, or actual moments of your past or that of your ancestors. Your sense of reality changes and every aspect of your presence in the room fades which makes these visions an impactful experience. What’s curious about these visions is the fact that they can occur with eyes open or while meditating through the eye of the mind. 

The third category, which is probably the most common is an overlap of the actual ceremonial space with different images that turn out to be a visual translation of energy, sounds, and souls. This occurs as Ayahuasca expands our awareness and we can perceive more than a layer of reality at the same time. We can get to see spirit animals, energy flowing through the room, or fairies. 

Although each vision is unique, there are however certain themes we’ve seen playing out in our experience as facilitators. 

Among the most common sight visions are:

  • powerful moments in history such as WW1
  • being part of nature under other forms
  • celebrations
  • new paths among forgotten runes
  • the Amazon Forest and its tribes
  • patterns 
  • symbols and colours
  • transformations guided by spirit animals


ayahuasca 1

Smell visions

Ayahuasca visions that emphasise certain smells are usually a lot more subtle as they tap into memory or understandings beyond the logical mind. 

Many of our first memories in childhood are registered under certain smells. As we seek to reconnect with our inner child or understand certain aspects of who we’ve become, we are all being guided back to our childhood. 

They can trigger flashes of memories meant to ignite a feeling kept deep inside you. Thus we are being given a chance to understand, forgive, feel, love and release. 

“The smell of dry grass as my dad gathered it, at the end of summer, or one of the potatoes my grandma was boiling to feed the animals” can trigger a deep sense of love and gratitude towards our family and their dedication to raising us. 

And then there are others like “the smell of dusty leather that reminds me of the old bus where my first friend and I used to play” which surfaces all sorts of fears, jealousies, and rejections our friendship held back then. In our innocence, all is true and equally important. 


Taste visions

A sudden taste of your favourite cereals back in high school, your mom’s impeccable pinch of celery in her broth, those 10-cent strawberry ice cream your grandma gave you each summer day. These count as Ayahuasca visions too.

Not once, we’ve been told how by the time the second cup of the brew is served, the taste changes. It becomes sweeter or a lot more bitter depending on the level of rejection the body develops for the brew, symbolising the level of resistance towards change and growth. 


Touch visions

Remember that Ayahuasca experiences are circular, meaning we don’t just tap into our past, but we equally tap into our future too. 

Since the future is barely energy and less of a well-designed story, our sense of touch and feel is a great way for Ayahuasca to present aspects of the future. 

She guides us to a state of being where we can get to feel into our future, and so recognise it when it appears later on – the house you should live in, Soulmates, Soul family, beginning and endings of karmic connections. 

Touch is also our first memory of love; mother’s first embrace as well as the 9 months we spent as part of her. 

In our journey of finding and taking space for ourselves, we will inevitably be led back to feeling one with the mother, both the cosmic and physical one. It is needless to point out the incredible depth of such experience and the instant wisdom that comes through it. 


Sound visions

Like the wind for a sailing boat, music is an important aspect of Ayahuasca ceremonies. It’s what moves it. Like an unseen thread that guides everyone yet influences each experience uniquely. There are no two people in the world hearing the same thing and having the exact reaction or understanding to it. 

Ayahuasca visions that have sound as the main guide, teach time.

It offers a unique perspective on how it moves, what moves us, and the energy that unites us all. 

It’s also an invitation to co-create, to share ourselves through sounds, words, and tones. 

Our understanding of music will never be the same after these so-called visions of sounds. The way it penetrates us and how we allow it to, leads us to an experience of oneness, of wellbeing, of deep nurturing that cannot be accessed in any other way. 

There are several aspects of the Ayahuasca visions we always share with people that choose to join Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats in Europe:

  • Ayahuasca’s power of holding us all in an unbelievable space of love is what allows us to walk through visions that normally we would not be facing head-on. 
  • Visions have the power to make us aware of how we function, thus giving us the power to choose again.
  • Self-love is No1 lesson Ayahuasca teaches through visions.
  • There’s no such thing as real and unreal. When having a vision, all are equally real. 
  • No matter the experience, there is always a knowing that your essence is unharmed. 

We are here to answer any of your questions regarding Ayahuasca visions and would love to have you on board. Here’s where you can find our next retreats.

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