7 Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Are you observing a significant shift in the way you think, believe, and act? Have you started to resonate with the cosmos, and is it making you feel strange or overwhelmed? Further, are you discovering the empath in you and finding synchronicities floating all around? Well, if you are nodding and affirming, you might be on the cusp of spiritual awakening.
Experiencing a spiritual awakening means literally “waking up” to the reality – the reality where you know that life is happening for you – not happening to you. It is a simple process where you become conscious of your divine nature and understand that you can be or have all that your heart desires. Such awareness brings a sense of calm and helps you to trust the process while enjoying the journey called life.
If you are on the verge of tapping into your unlimited spiritual power, the world will start to make no sense for some time, and soon, everything will seem to have a deeper meaning. At first, you will begin to question everything, including your old beliefs, habits, and ideals, only to realize that there is much more to life and ourselves than what you have been taught up until now.

Signs of Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual awakening is usually accompanied by several hard-to-ignore signs.
Each individual may not experience the exact same signs because of the uniqueness and the subjectivity of each perspective; however, some threads can be found in commonality.
Here are some significant signs that you may experience throughout your spiritual awakening journey.

You are drawn to finding the meaning and purpose of your life

Being in a state of ignorance of human nature. You might keep on seeking ways to please your senses.
However, during a spiritual awakening, you will feel that superficial desires are not going to make you truly happy and serene. You’ll know that attaining materialistic goals is not the way towards real and lasting happiness. This will push you to search your life’s purpose, and you’d start looking beyond the physical form of things to discover the ultimate sense of satisfaction.

You are experiencing a heightened sense of intuition

Some people have a powerful sense of intuition, while others do not.
Intuition is an innate ability, and we all are born with it, but many never prefer listening to the invaluable advice their higher self has to offer.
It’s been known that spiritual awakening helps in developing your predictive abilities. You will start to have strong intuitions, providing you with insights about your life and possible situations.

You cherish peace

Peace can only be achieved by rejecting the illusion, the lie that you can control your life!
While traversing the spiritual path, you’ll realize that peace is not something that can be cultivated, but rather it comes to the surface when our true spiritual nature becomes more obvious. You’ll surrender to the universe and find peace and joy in little things.

You are conscious (You live in the moment)

You must have heard the terms: present moment awareness, living in the now, living in the moment, all means the same and can be experienced with spiritual awakening.
As the spirit within awakens, you will start realizing that mindfulness and happiness are closely linked. Now, living in the moment can sometimes be hard, because sometimes, our minds tend to wander a little too much. However, spiritually awoken individuals can slow down their monkey minds and live more in the moment.

You resonate with nature more

Rather than spending time in crowded places, you will love to spend your time in wide-open spaces with fresh air that does wonders to the mind, body, and soul.
Being out in nature is a multi-sensory experience. It activates all senses which you can see, hear, and touch the environment that can enrich human experience like no other. If you are awakening to your higher self, you are likely to take notice and enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature more than ever.

You have higher compassion

You will start to resonate more with the feelings of the people around you. You would be able to feel joy, fears, pain, and other emotions of your friends, family, and even strangers passing by.
This higher degree of compassion will make you unearth your spiritual nature, making you feel connected to the community and indulge in activities that can make this world a better place.

You are thriving while being your authentic-self

You will no longer need to wear masks and be what society wants you to be. You’ll embrace your real-self and feel completely content with being you.
Being authentic, genuine, and real to your feelings will let you embrace your unique traits and feel comfortable in your skin. No matter how scary this phase may be, you will soon realize that your true nature is actually helping you to thrive and achieve more success in life.

Wrapping up

These seven signs of spiritual awakening can be experienced individually or socially.
If you are keen to channelize your inner power and the guidance of shamans and true spiritual leaders, consider registering for a holistic Ayahuasca program. During the Ayahuasca ceremony, you will get the chance to unlock your true potential and embark upon a beautiful journey to spiritual awakening.

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