Ayahuasca teachings – Dissolving 10 doubts to pursue your dreams

You might think Ayahuasca teaches things hard to touch, ideas and concepts one can only dream of, yet she consistently shows us our uniqueness. Everything we seek to know and understand about ourselves, and the world lies in how unique we are to her. As she mirrors it back to us through her loving and compassionate eyes, she invites us to acknowledge it and live a life of mastery.

Living life with passion and pursuing your dreams is turning that which you like into a paying job.

What does this line raise within your mind? Is it something like:

“Living from it? Come on, that is impossible!”.

Do you have resistance to turning your passion into a living style?

I can’t blame you. It’s like being asked to jump over a pit, an extra-large one. 

“Make a 100 km jump!” that should give almost as much resistance as thinking of living off your passions.

Let’s look closely at 10 doubts that may be slowing you down when you want to pursue your dreams.

1. When I look around, everybody that touches the topic of living through their passions seems to be having a hard time.

Let’s have a closer look at the statement above.

What is “looking around” for you? Do you have some friends on the path to living off their passions? How close are you? I’m asking because we often know entrepreneurs superficially, and we end up seeing hustle. Let’s continue with looking at: “seem to be.”

Things are only sometimes what they seem. We are programmed to blow some steam off as we meet with friends and rarely spend longer times with them to receive some of the thrills and aliveness they feel when working on their dreams.

dream catcher at sunset

2. It takes longer than anybody has ever planned.

That is a great line, yet all the planning one can do comes from the experiences of others. All the assessed time of transition from now to then is made up based on statistics and, again, those around you – if you’re lucky enough to have someone. If you don’t, you’re probably loaded with nays of aunts and cousins that never dared to try.

Know this: your transition is as unique as you are, and it will take as long as it takes to pursue your dreams.

Transitions are not a 100m yards race but a journey of self-discovery. It puts you face to face with choosing again what and who you are. You get to meet who you’ve been and how you became that. That will be a golden opportunity to understand human nature, your parents, and your desires.

Expect closing major judgment cycles you’ve been carrying.

3. No one would buy it.

Our friend Google has a different opinion. There’s a marketplace for anything; if there isn’t, celebrate! You might have just run into a golden ticket – that of becoming a creator of something new.

4. My passion or dream is a small, weird niche – a quirky thing.

Uniqueness is and will always be valued. For all creations, there is a seeing eye made to appreciate it.

Research unique passions and how they’ve been displayed over the years. Usually, extreme uniqueness is ground-breaking by the very fact of its existence.

5. I don’t know what my dream is.

That’s because you have more than one, and all seem equally lovely. This line usually crosses your mind when you’re either on the path of discovering your true passion because you think there’s only one or you’ve outgrown the belief of having only one passion or never had one, to begin with.

Both cases are equally real depending on the path we’re taking in life. And both lead to the same action: go on with all. Invest in everything you like, one bit at a time. If you are to live in a world of “only one passion”, your multi-tasking will eventually lead you to that one you’ve been seeking. If you live in a world of “a multi-layered, passions at-once thing”, you’ll not only do great at all but learn to manage your time better to fit your needs and become open to flip from one thing to another quite gently.

6. I can’t do this alone & I can only do this alone.

These two come in a pair because you’ll meet them through your transformation. There will be moments when you’ll feel it is all too fragile to be exposed and others when your passion’s growth as a business will depend on others.

Therefore ¨I can’t do this alone¨ represents the fear of loneliness from being the sole creator of something. More precisely, it revolves around the fear that comes as you realize you’re the only decision-maker. We grew up as kids in a home with more than one decision-maker. Some are raised to find ease while deciding, while others haven’t been involved in the decision at all.

With that in mind, know this: because we are talking about how to pursue your dreams and passion, you won’t face disappointments. None of your choices and thus risks will ever feel like that because you choosing yourself, above all, creates a space where the old so-called “failures and losses” don’t exist.

“I can only do this alone” stands for: I’m not sure how to articulate things at the moment. No one would understand what this is about as it’s so personal.

It’s all right to think like that in the beginning, as you, with yourself, decide what it is that you wish to see yourself as.

I’ll only say one thing though. Make sure you take the pulse of this thought now and then. You don’t want it to become the walls of a mega castle built to protect you from the world. It could happen as an automatic program you have made throughout your life, and it’s understandable. But take the pulse of it as you slowly become the person you always dreamed yourself to be: someone that believes in you.

7. Following your dreams and passions is for fortunate ones.

Ah! Here comes the money theme! But this article is not called disarming the role of money and all the nays we’ve told ourselves to be true, so I’ll say this: money follows money. Wherever you direct your attention and money, that is where money will flow towards. The more time you spend there, the bigger the opening for money flow. It’s like building a new trajectory for rivers to flow in.

If you find yourself deep down the hater loop in money, remember this: the very force that allows you to choose and dwell there can and will also allow you to live off your passions and a bunch of cool other feelings. Just saying. 🙂

8. None of my family will support me in this transition.

How old are you? Unless you’re 12 and live with your parents, there’s not much of a need for their approval. Leaving jokes aside, this is an inner child theme that comes out often around almost anything you can think of. It’s more than worth spending some lines mapping out what’s going on there.

We rise in a space held by our parents (or grandparents or caretakers – not here to discriminate against anyone by any means), and we are to submit to their ways to survive entirely. As we grow, our personality forms out of the soul’s identity and the surrounding space and circumstances. As we walk ourselves through life, we eventually have a chance to reframe things to our liking, and that’s where we hit the childhood programming: you need your parent’s approval to survive.

What makes it truly difficult is the intensity of your resistance. Something ingrained before your birth is the string that costs the most changing.

This is a life-long journey; do your best with it. Many others will support your journey, which you will later call “my chosen family,” that will make you feel truly blessed. The choice will always be yours.

9. There are so many people doing the same thing! Why would people choose me when I’m barely starting?

There are two things to look at here: A false image of others doing the same thing and comparing day 1 with day 2001.

There is no such thing as one doing the same thing as another. Try to mimic someone for a day, can you? No, because it’s tiring and boring. Some try, but in the end, no one does it.

On the other hand, if we turn to the laws of energy, no 2 of you carry the same energy signature. The people you’re setting yourself up to be meeting as you walk along are different from those encountered by others. If you get lucky and attract the same people as another, that is someone to consider as a partner.

For example, two salespeople of the same house will generally attract two different potential buyers. Two wine lovers with the same tastes, one a salesperson, and another sommelier, might draw the same people; thus, they have an open invitation to create a joint venture.

One way or another, the two considering a partnership are complementary and a source of learning to one another.

Comparing day 1 with day 2001 happens a lot because day 2001 has a lot more exposure worldwide, making it easy to find among the first lines of research before starting something new.

Acknowledge this as it arises and commit to finding people between these stages. With time the gap will shorten and seem less scary; thus, you’ll experience less resistance.

10. Where do I start to pursue my dream?

Ah, now that’s a change in energy! The first step of anything is pairing a question with the willingness to do it.

You’ll almost always get this: start where you are. That question signifies that you have surrounded yourself with everything you need to start. It could be a laptop, a pen, an internet connection, and so on.

The key is in doing it. Once you start, you’ll know what’s next. And then what’s next? And next? And next…

Go step by step and do what’s right in front of you.

At Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats in Europe, we are a community of entrepreneurs who fully live their passion and want you to pursue your dreams. As individuals, we seek further growth and mastery, and as a team, we aim to serve those like you, future entrepreneurs and creators.

Meet like-minded people from all life paths at our events, and know that we are here for you with whatever you need.

Stay true to your passions and know that Ayahuasca is the path that leads you to your essence.


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