Ayahuasca dieta – Getting intimate with Ayahuasca

The dieta we’ll be presenting today is not the Ayahuasca diet we all know, what we do when preparing, meeting, and preserving the connection with Ayahuasca, that is before, during, and after the Ayahuasca retreats.

Today, we are talking about another dieta, one that is a more intimate and intense way of meeting Ayahuasca.

By definition, intimacy is a closeness between people in personal relationships. One can be intimate with itself, other people, or in our case, plants. What’s truly interesting is that the Ayahuasca dieta ends up covering all three: it guides you from your relationship with others to that with nature and frames the relationship you have with yourself. All at once. You might call this miracle work and we invite you to do so, as it is one.


What is Ayahuasca dieta?

Dieta is the Spanish word for diet, and it represents a special kind of food, habits, and lifestyle that one can sign up for.

The Ayahuasca dieta is a full imersion into the world of Ayahuasca, that can last from two weeks, up to a year, or even more. During this period, a program is being defined where Ayahuasca is being served periodically, with, or in some cases without, any other food or activities.


What would an Ayahuasca dieta program look like?

Some programs involve nothing but drinking Ayahuasca without any other intake, except water, all while living isolated and allowing very limited contact with the outer world.

Others are designed to pair Ayahuasca with other medicinal plants, therapies, periodical assessments with the curanderos, as well as interactions with those considered fit to caretake someone on this journey.


Who is Ayahuasca dieta made for?

Consider this journey a path taken by those that have previously met Ayahuasca more than a couple of times. What we witness is that many times, throughout ceremonies, people receive a calling regarding deepening their relationship with Ayahuasca.

That usually happens when the depth they seek seems unavailable in a group setting, or feel a true calling of working with the plant.

All trained shamans, across all Amazon tribes, went through countless Ayahuasca dietas during their training years and keep doing so as many times as they seem fit, to constantly align with the voice of the medicine.

If the type of dieta doesn’t reveal itself directly from Ayahuasca, one can always reach out to those working with the plant to ask for the appropriate program for their needs.

silhouette of native american shaman with pikestaff
silhouette of a native american shaman, doing Ayahuasca dieta

Where is the Ayahuasca dieta being done?

The majority of them are led in the jungle by the indigenous that have been trained for centuries in working with Ayahuasca. Together with the participants, and the spirit of the master plant, a program is being defined.


Can the Ayahuasca dieta be seen as everyone’s next step, once a certain level of awareness is reached during shared ceremonies?

There is no such thing as a top-level or glass ceiling you can reach while drinking Ayahuasca. We are social beings, which makes relationships and sharing space, one of the best ways of learning and understanding, not only oneself but also our world.

However, if an individual was exposed to a repetitive experience or energy over many years, an experience that is nowadays a source of resistance, uncovering it might require intense individual work. That’s where the Ayahuasca dieta comes in. A serious shake-off, from inside out, of all systems, built directly or by allowing, by oneself during the years.


Is Ayahuasca dieta something to fear?

Ayahuasca is known for its purging and cleansing properties which can make it physically challenging sometimes. As the Ayahuasca dieta recommends a prior and post diet, just as Ayahuasca retreats do, the physical challenge is slightly removed. Being on a solo journey removes one of the people’s biggest sources of discomfort: being seen struggling and purging in any way.


What makes the Ayahuasca dieta challenging?

  • Isolation can be difficult for someone used to being surrounded by people all the time.
  • People that are mainly anchored in their logic can feel more resistance than others that live more in tune with their intuition.
  • One might not be supported by friends and family as one decides to join the Ayahuasca dieta. The calling is not the easiest thing to put into words and Ayahuasca is not precisely seen as a light experience.


What can one expect to be facing during the Ayahuasca dieta?

  • Subconscious addictions – yes it’s the subtle ones that walked us there in the first place, and they are the ones that trigger many of our choices.
  • Finding the true feeling of standing on your own two feet. Literally.
  • Memories of the past, recollections of somehow relevant moments, as well as how they play a role in one’s current life.
  • Asking questions and receiving their answer even before finishing the phrase.
  • Connecting new dots.
  • Emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual intimacy with oneself and the Universe through Ayahuasca.
  • Dissociation from the way senses were previously related to a new way of seeing and understanding life.
  • Meeting ancestors, reconnecting with their past lives, the sacred elements and
  • A new sense of surrender as well as a clearer understanding of when and what can one contribute and co-create from a place of playfulness and ease.
  • A deeper understanding of the power of consistency and commitment.
  • DNA activation and other genetical shifts can be directly witnessed from the inside out as being touched by Ayahuasca.
  • Get a closer look at what Ayahuasca represents for oneself, and the world, as well as learn to recognize her voice and guidance among all sounds of the world.


What happens after the Ayahuasca dieta?

It is recommended that the reintegration of oneself be done gradually and gently. Further guidance can be given by the maestros, a generally vegetarian diet should be maintained. When returning to the Western world, one should seek to continue spending time alone as well as being part of a community and its activities, as long as they are aligned with the newfound values and beliefs.


Will it be hard to return to ordinary life, once the Ayahuasca dieta is performed for a longer period?

Generally, people seeking longer dietas are those interested in working closely with Ayahuasca. They have already chosen the path and are usually living in communion with nature, in spaces that are rather open and free.

When it comes to someone returning to a big city environment, there is nothing to fear. Real awareness is all-encompassing and thus allows all.

What can happen though, is that during integration, one can choose to make certain changes to feel more aligned with one’s true self and purpose at the time being.

We are truly grateful to be part of Ayahuasca’s team and for the chance, she has given us all to be part of her plans. There is a sense o grace that revolves around this master plant and we will do our very best to infuse our words and actions with as much magic as we can.

At Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats in Europe, you will find a family of heart-driven, unique individuals, ready to share their journey all while holding space for your own to rise above your wildest dreams. Here are the dates of our next events.

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