Mother Ayahuasca – Who she is and everything you should know

We’ve covered various sides of this spectacular master plant and being, from origins, composition, effects, do’s and don’ts, up to many of her spiritual forms.

We do not intend to direct this article into the heaviness of right and wrong regarding your relationship with your biological mothers.

However, we intend to bring forward what motherhood is, which Mother Ayahuasca teaches through her own presence. As you read through, we invite you to imagine how receiving all that would make you feel.

To get to know Mother Ayahuasca, there are certain questions that may need asking. 


Who is mother Ayahuasca?

First of all, let’s have a look at her personality today and why she is called “mother” in the first place.

Motherhood is one of the most complex relationships we face while alive. Some might recognize it; others won’t. That’s precisely why we’re writing this article so that every child and every future mother should know and acknowledge what motherhood truly is for oneself and the world.

Here’s the thing. We can’t tell what the mother’s presence represents for each of you. For some of you, your grandmother, your father, or a close family friend may have filled the role of mother.


Why is Mother Ayahuasca considered a mother spirit?

Here are some of the reasons why Ayahuasca is considered to be a mother spirit:


Mother Ayahuasca covers us with a blanket when sitting with our fears

She does it guided by a sense of reverence for the life in you. It’s an action that translates into: I am proud you choose to sit and listen. I will be here for you all the way. I honour your choice and respect your feelings.


Mother Ayahuasca knows how to listen without making us speak

She feels and knows. She is feeling. Once we get close to it through music, poetry, and art. They are all languages of the heart that somehow skip the mind and go straight to the feels. And just like that, as if magic, you just feel – all as it is, and Mother Ayahuasca all over the place.


There is no sense of urgency coming from her

No timelines, no push. She knows we beam with potential and finds true fulfilment in celebrating our growth, all in its due time.


Mother Ayahuasca doesn’t create for us

She knows that she doesn’t know. She might have an idea of our yearnings, but she is not creating the details of our life. Instead, she reminds us of your inherited powers through her very own creative way of living.


We do not limit Mother Ayahuasca

There’s this weird theory going around that our “slow” rhythm of development holds back the growth of the world, thus of Mother Ayahuasca. There is no such thing as “slow” or “fast” for her. Release pressure. Breathe at ease.

Mother Ayahuasca is incapable of looking down on us

Our soul is a jewel whether we are kids, teenagers, or adults. As a mother spirit, she knows we are infinitely intelligent and sees nothing but beauty in every way we shape ourselves.

Children are closer to God than we are

That means their capacity to create themselves and, thus, the world around them is infinitely greater than those walking the earth for some time. The flame of possibility and no boundaries runs through their playful souls like rivers through our forests. A mother spirit knows.


What are the powers of Mother Ayahuasca?

One of the best powers: transparency

Her form of transparency is not intrusive, which is the ultimate form of respect. Unless invited to know, she is but present. What it truly says is: I developed a form of knowledge without truly knowing, a combination of feelings that are storyless. At all times, I am there, yet I respect your privacy.


She teaches holding on to what feels good

One can create life being empowered by edge feelings or by those who nurture us and the life around us. Supporting us in finding what feels good and choosing it is a mother’s greatest joy. There is no degree of separation, no heroes, but loving and being loved.


What’s then to be expected from a mother? It is to protect the body until capable of self-protecting

Motherhood is the most complex form of relationship. As our physical body forms cell by cell within our mother’s womb, our energetic body contains hers. While our body might seem younger, our soul is more expansive. Every soul that beams into being will encompass the previous once and more.

New souls come as answers and take up dreams. Thus the world should ensure they have plenty of space and opportunities to manifest themselves.


She protects innocence at any cost

It’s not hard for her to identify what comes from an innocent place within us and what is the byproduct of wishful thinking. There is no judgement in her approach; she calls out what we aim to be, wish to be, are not, to make way for what we are.


Mother Ayahuasca teaches us to plant our seeds in rich soils

Choosing a soil that has been taken care of and respected is one of Ayahuasca’s most significant teachings and the key of life. Nature’s cycles start and end with the soil; all comes from it and goes back to it. From food to energy, she invites us to acknowledge where and what we put our energy into. What systems are we sustaining with the choices we make? Are they still in alignment with the person we are today? We should never stop asking these questions as we dance the dance of life.


She shows us how to recognize life in things and follow that thread

She does it through our bodies. The feels, vibes, and texture of things all speak to us. It’s all a language she teaches with much grace and great simplicity. “Follow what lights you up and make it your way of walking through life.”


Mother Ayahuasca takes kindness and compassion to a whole new level

Outside of the give-and-take ratios and overall duality, we seem to be bonded by, that’s where she stands. An unthinkable space, functioning on its own, by itself, who loves us to no end. That’s what she is. Outside of all possibilities, theories, roads, and pain stand a creature we can barely grasp. Everything we think or say barely scratches the surface. Close is all there is, except when drinking the brew or reaching higher states of consciousness with the help of master plants and inner work.


So what’s in it for her?

Is this a question on your mind?

We get it; many of us asked her when facing her in ceremonies.

Her answer?

“chuckles – I’m never out of it.”

If you’ve joined a ceremony guided by her, you’ll probably remember this moment as a thunderous round of laughter that rises out of nowhere among all participants.

What she means by that is: our well-being is also hers. Helping us is helping her, answering our questions is answering her questions, and loving us is loving her. She’s all in.

Avalons Ayahuasca retreats in Europe is a place where Mother Ayahuasca can be met, not only through medicine but also through those who carry it, surround it, and make all these powerful encounters possible.

We hope the article worked its magic and became a seed of possibility in the most fertile grounds of your being.

Love exists, genuine care exists, and you are at the core of it. 


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