99 Transformational questions to ask Ayahuasca and The Universe

¨Good questions inform. Great questions transform¨ – Ken Coleman 

You’ve probably heard about the importance of setting intentions.

That goes for everything, from the moment you wake up in the morning, to your yoga practice, all the way to moments like meeting Ayahuasca.

Sometimes they sound like a wish we ask a genie, but most of the time what we seek is understanding.

What’s interesting to know is that Questions and Answers have the same birth point, energetically speaking. In other words, a question only surfaces in the presence of the answer. That makes Spirit and Ayahuasca mere guides that support us in seeing just that. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of our selection of transformational questions to ask Ayahuasca and the Universe. 

What is a transformational question and why is it important to understand how to create one?

Before we get into further detail with our questions to ask Ayahuasca, it is important to know why we are going to ask these questions and how you can create one. All this, with the aim to choose the transformational questions to ask Ayahuasca that suit you best. 

  • Ask for revelation
  • Are open questions that allow the answer to be revealed to the seeker in the most appropriate way seen by Ayahuasca and The Universe
  • Come from knowing that there is no right and wrong, that all is purposeful 
  • Don’t seek information about others, not even those closest to us. Are all about us.
  • Are less contextual, and rather systemic
  • Start with how and what rather than why
  • Seek understanding and thus a release of judgment
  • Are based on kindness 
  • Energetically, open the seeker to receive the download that holds the answer


99 Transformational questions to ask Ayahuasca and The Universe

Top 99 questions to ask Ayahuasca

We’ve cropped a list with such questions, designed to skyrocket your transformation at Avalon and beyond.

Let them inspire you, feel their openness, take what feels good, and leave what doesn’t. 


  1. How can I be more gentle with myself?
  2. What is it that my body truly needs and likes? How can I identify it?
  3. What is compassion, and how can I live through the lens of it?
  4. How is my mind connected with my body?
  5. What can I do/be to ease my mind and breathe easier?
  6. What is flow and how can I live more in it?
  7. What is the relationship between me as an individual and me as a unity?
  8. How can I better understand my relationships and the roles I play in them?
  9. What am I unconsciously allowing currently in my life and what lesson is that serving?
  1. How can I be more patient with myself and others?
  2. What is self-love?
  3. How to identify and align with the life in me?
  4. Where is the need of … (fill in with what you need) coming from?
  5. What am I holding onto that I can let go right away and thus create space for new?
  6. How can I be a better friend/husband/wife/mother/father/brother?
  7. What past life is most relevant to the current one and why?
  8. How can I honor my creative self without judging?
  9. How can I recognize the voice of my heart when it speaks to me?
  10. What is the best way for me to integrate my life experiences and process emotions?
  11. What is a purpose, and how can I recognize mine, as well as when it changes?
  12. What roles are the church and every other form of religion playing in my life?
  13. Where am I not aligned with my higher self and how can I facilitate the alignment?
  14. What is forgiveness and how can I find it?
  15. What is the human experience? What other forms of life am I serving?
  16. How can I trust myself?
  17. What is intuition?
  18. Where/When have I become afraid of … (list your fear) and how can I release this fear?
  19. Which part of my body needs my utmost support right now?
  20. What is unconditional love and if it’s all around me, how can I attune myself to seeing it?
  21. How can I find ease in sharing my perspectives?
  22. How can I become more open to receiving love?
  23. What boundaries do I need to set up to feel safe in the world?
  24. How can I identify my deepest dreams and desires?
  25. Who am I in relationship with you?
  26. What is time and how can I feel more at ease with my rhythm and progress?
  27. Who/What are these voices in my head, we all call the mind?
  28. What is it truly in my power? What’s up to me when it comes to … (ex. supporting the planet’s regeneration)?
  29. What is freedom for me?
  30. What am I not seeing about my current situation?
  31. How can I heal my broken heart?
  32. Is there any force out there that listens to me when I pray? To whom should I be praying?
  33. How can find fulfilment?
  34. How can I support the healing of my body?
  35. How am I creating this current experience?
  36. What is the law of attraction and how can I work with it?
  37. How is music nurturing my body and soul?
  38. Where am I in relationship to where I want to be?
  39. How can I connect to my inner child and become my own parent?
  40. Where have I denied myself, all that I am, and how can I reintegrate those parts of me?
  41. Can you lead the way to my most fragile parts and show me how to nurture them?
  42. How can I process my emotions without being overwhelmed by them?
  43. How can I protect my core energy?
  44. What am I working on mastering? What am I doing with such ease that even I can’t perceive it?
  45. What talents have I acquired in past lives that I can now retrieve?
  46. Who in this circle can support my journey?
  47. What is the most loving way to let go of this?
  48. What’s the kindest way to say goodbye to this?
  49. Where am I judging myself to be small, and how can I release those thinking patterns?
  50. How can I cultivate more presence with ease?
  51. How can I serve others with ease?
  52. What is inspiring me most and how to lead an inspired life?
  53. What’s my rhythm and how can I align with it?
  54. What is resistance and how can I face it in the kindest possible way?
  55. How am I connected with nature and how can I live more in alignment with it?
  56. How can I believe in your existence?
  57. What do I need to know about my current relationships/job/place I live in?
  58. What makes me happy and how do I identify it?
  59. How can I invite more allowance into my life?
  60. What is death, where do souls go, and can we communicate with them?
  61. How can I trust myself and the unknown more?
  62. Am I being guided? Do angels exist?
  63. What sort of vibration benefits my current journey and how to align with it?
  64. What would it take for … (whatever you desire) to show up?
  65. What choice do I truly have in this situation?
  66. What would it take for … (whatever you desire) to turn out far greater than I could imagine?
  67. How does it get any better than this?
  68. What else is possible for me when it comes to … (whatever you desire)?
  69. Who was I born to be, that if I allowed it to be, would brighten the world we live in a thousandfold?
  70. What level of consciousness have I reached and how do I continue on my journey?
  71. Where have I stripped myself of my power and how can I regain it?
  72. Where have I chosen self-punishment and self-abuse as ways of ensuring my progress and how can I rewrite all that behavior?
  73. Where am I reacting instead of acting and how to support the transition from unconscious action to conscious action?
  74. I am willing to take responsibility for all my actions, will you show me what am I doing that is no longer serving me and how to release this habit?
  75. My heart is longing for partnership. Is this real, or is it another illusion I need to heal through self-love?
  76. How can I adjust my senses so that I can get more perspectives, rather than just that of the mind?
  77. Why do I feel powerless in front of certain situations?
  78. How can I retrieve my innocence and redesign my life in a way that nurtures it?
  79. What have I defined as friendship? What sort of patterns have I been recreating and for what reason?
  80. How can I identify someone’s true intentions right away?
  81. What is Karma? How do I make peace with it?
  82. What is a spirit animal and how can I connect and communicate with it?
  83. What moves my body into doing? Is it my mind? My heart? A higher purpose?
  84. What are the Godlike qualities I poses?
  85. Are we self-actualizing beings?
  86. What is Divine Timing and how am I influencing it?
  87. If we are all creators, what unites us all?
  88. What am I addicted to that I’m unaware of?
  89. What are my unique gifts, and strengths? How can I serve others through them?
  90. What have I been judging as wrong that is truly a blessing in disguise?


Notice something about all these questions to ask Ayahuasca and the Universe? 

They all come from the space of rightness, because for Ayahuasca and The Universe, all is right. 

And so, it becomes of most importance to remember that all you’ve done and become is perfectly designed by you for you. Thus, your questions for her should come from a space of trust, faith, and love if you aim to get the highest answer. 

Know that the answers will arrive in various forms and shapes uniquely designed for you to understand. Pay close attention to all that surrounds you these days and expect nothing but the best. 

Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats in Europe wish you to have the highest experience of yourself and know that it’s a great honor to walk this path together with you. 

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