Ayahuasca and the spiritual meaning of the 5th dimension: Journeying from ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘I’

Over the years, the 5th dimension has sparked widespread discussion, its growing popularity inviting scientists and thinkers alike to share their opinions based on their unique lenses and systems of thought. In this article, we share some of these theories and dive further into answering questions such as “What is the 5th dimension spiritual meaning?” with the help of master plants such as Ayahuasca. 

The Kaluza-Klein Theory

According to sciencing.com, German mathematician Theodor Kaluza and Swedish physicist Oskar Klein independently proposed theories that introduced the concept of a fifth dimension as a realm where electromagnetism and gravity merge, forming the basis of what is known as the Kaluza-Klein Theory. Klein suggested that this dimension might be imperceptible to the human eye “as it is minuscule and curls up on itself like a pill bug rolls up under threat”. 

Other definitions of the 5th dimension

Arlie O. Petters, professor of mathematics, physics, and business administration at Duke University, touched on the question of the fifth dimension’s existence on the stage at TEDx. Following purely scientific theories like Einstein’s Relativity Theory, he leads his public from questioning existing dimensions, such as the 5th, to finding an object from that extra dimension. In his opinion, proving the existence of additional dimensions will bring about a new paradigm shift of what we know reality to be, the same way we experienced it when proving that the earth is not flat. According to Peters, this 5th-dimensional object can be detected by identifying its fingerprint, and the technology is already available.

When interviewed by Aubrey Markus, Mathias de Stefano defined the 5th dimension as the awareness of every vibration and light of one’s molecules and body. He says that going to the 5th dimension requires two things – shining from the 3rd dimension by integrating and thus being at peace with the complete reality one is part of and fully understanding all possibilities within the 4th dimension, which is time. 

To him, accessing the 4th dimension means tapping into the memory stored in our bodies, a record spanning millions of years of evolution, from the earliest primordial cell to your present self. In this scenario, the 5th dimension happens when one locates itself in the centre of all that and notices –“this is all me”. This very reason is why Mathias considers this dimension to be that of the masters.

Lawrence Parker is a rapper and scholar known as KRS-One, who has inspired the world through his music. As a visionary, he is known to have touched on the topic we are discussing today on various occasions, giving simple yet powerful descriptions of what he believes 5th dimension is. In this recorded video, he leads his public through practical examples to help acknowledge their inner self, inner space, the consciousness beyond the body and flesh, and the soul’s immortality. KRS-One speaks of the 5th dimension as being “in and out”, a movement in and out of body, mind, and identity that allows connection with the inner self.

The 5th dimension in spirituality

The more we skimmed through the world’s view, the more it became clear to us that the 5th dimension is spirit.

Height, length, and width are the elements of the 3rd dimension and shape the world we live in. If we were to set those in motion, time would appear and, together with it, our stories. Einstein defined the 4th dimension as time and referred to the four dimensions as an event.

If that is the case, could we consider the 5th dimension a space beyond our personal stories? One that unites us through invisible threads moved all at once by spirit? Is there a way to find the door that leads there?

Here is where master plants such as Ayahuasca come in.

It is widely known that psychedelics have played a massive role in humanity’s journey through different dimensions.

As a holistic healing centre specialising in Ayahuasca, we would like to share our understanding of the 5th dimension’s spiritual meaning, which we developed through countless ceremonies and the collective experience of our participants.

We understand it to be a breathing space where the ‘I’ (your persona, individual identity) fades into a timeless ‘We’ – a collective self encompassing everything.

In our opinion, the 5th dimension is not an escape from the 3rd or the 4th, as many believe. On the contrary, it is there to enhance them, not deny them.

We believe the real journey is from ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘I’, and thus, the real question is not whether there is a 5th dimension, but what is its purpose?

Journeying from ‘I’ to ‘We’

This part of the journey may seem harder and longer than the following one. It starts with one feeling the world’s weight on its shoulders and continues with a deep sense of loneliness. Both are rooted in our way of living, and our disconnection from the source is what feeds them. The more one lives, the more definitions of self one has. All that complexity and detail one gathers throughout life starts weighing in time, making even the slightest attempt to change seem very difficult and time-consuming.

As we become aware of these aspects, we face a new decisionopening and sharing ourselves with the world. From the perspective of an Ayahuasca ceremony, the world is formed by those sitting in the circle.

As the medicine continues to expand one’s consciousness, the weight becomes greater, and the pain becomes unbearable it isn’t physical pain we refer to here but rather emotional.

When the pressure of a personally structured world is released, one experiences pure chaos. Everyone’s everything is stirred like a soup of beliefs. This is one of the moments where, most commonly, one purges.

Ayahuasca and the spiritual meaning of the 5th dimension: Journeying from ‘I’ to ‘We’ to ‘I’ | weareavalon.love


One’s consciousness continues expanding as they realise:

  • Movement is our nature, as we are spinning atoms.
  • Clusters are formed between participants as their known universes combinefrequency and speed of moving awareness.
  • Purging can also be singing, dancing, laughing, or yawning.
  • The more is released to be shared, the lighter the body feels as it’s sustained by the group instead of only one person.
  • There is no separation between nature and you.

This is how slowly one’s identity fades into that of the group, then that of the world, and further on into the essence all is made of.

Journeying from ‘We’ to ‘I’.

This second part of the journey feels lighter, especially when Ayahuasca guides it.

As one returns to self, one realises that it isn’t the initial ‘I’ it returns to. It is a new ‘I’. One that has directly experienced the awareness of the 5th and other dimensions.

Here is where time comes back in the game, where, step by step, one is invited to integrate creatively their experience.

This is what happens as one settles back into one’s body and life:

  • Terms such as grounding, manifestation, recognition, and synchronicity are no longer just theories. There is a real, tangible understanding of what they represent.
  • Relationships and overall events are being considered without precipitations. There is no urge to wrap up a story or to reply to a message. Instead, there is more space for gaining a deeper understanding of what connects peoplein essence.
  • It feels as if the mind has been exponentially expanded, and there is a great deal of space for new information and more possibilities.
  • Actions will be made in accordance with a higher good, as that is all there is.

We are convinced Ayahuasca offers a unique experience for those interested in discovering different dimensions with the ultimate purpose of mindfully returning to their essence with compassion and love for the world.

Avalon’s Ayahuasca retreats in Europe invite you to journey with our lovely crew and lead the way to a more compassionate world together.


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