5 Ayahuasca Experiences in Europe & Spain

The Ayahuasca Experience

Most people think of an Ayahuasca experience being in the jungle or somewhere in South America. We are privileged to witness many wonderful Ayahuasca experiences in Europe and Spain—experiences of deep transformation and healing. Each experience is different, however, there are some common threads with people’s experiences in Spain.

Ayahuasca Experiences in Spain & Europe

“My time as a participant at Avalon was for the New year 6 day retreat. I feel like I still don’t have the words to give it justice for how life changing my experience was (but I’ll do my best). I’d describe the venue as the perfect balance of Luxury and comfort but also feeling fully immersed in Mother Nature. With absolutely beautiful grounds which is thriving with wildlife, beautiful greenery and the most calm and peaceful lake as soon as you arrive you feel so held and safe. The ceremonies were absolutely exquisite! There was such a deep sense and feeling of the jungle even though we was on Spanish lands and the teachings and healing that took place was some of the deepest work I have ever done and witnesses with this medicine. The music was out of this world with so much variety from so many different lineages. This was a coming together of a family to not only just heal but to celebrate life on Earth! I danced and sang like never before but also embarked on one of the deepest healing journeys I have ever been on with plant medicines. As I said at the beginning this retreat literally changed my life! The food was Devine and so intentionally thought out with every day being colour coded to our chakras which brought so much healing and also awareness to the huge part food plays in these experiences. The integrations circles and support outside of ceremony were impeccable and there was always someone to hand to hold and support you if you needed it which is in itself one of the most important parts of journeying with plant medicines. There is also an integration programme in place for when you leave the retreat to really help you transition back to your every day life which again is so needed after diving deep into these life altering spaces. And I am so deeply grateful to the Avalon team who I now call family for all of the love, intention, work and commitment they make to each and every person who embarks on a journey of healing and rediscovering with them. Viva Familia!!”—Imogen T.
“I walked in on my own and left with a family. A large family that held me in their hearts. It’s hard to put into words the experience I encountered during those days, but can say without a shadow of a doubt that it was transformative. The (real) love that I felt is with me until this day, and for certain will continue with me for time to come. Every detail from the minute of our arrival was planned with so much care and thought. The abundance with which we were received was incredible. It’s been just over a month since I’ve returned, yet every day something new falls into place. Thank you to the entire team for creating such an amazing experience, with memories to last a lifetime.”—Michelle E.
“Absolutely amazing experience! The team at Avalon are really wonderful and absolutely everything was perfectly put together, planned and more importantly given with love! I felt in an incredibly safe space and the team are so incredibly nurturing and caring. Both the pre and post retreat support is fantastic and everything from the food, accommodation, ceremonies and integration are meticulously planned with so much professionalism attention and love. I can’t thank the Avalon family enough for such a life transformative experience. Thank you with all my heart.”—Swati M.
“I have recently returned from my first ever Ayahuasca retreat, which I am grateful was with Avalon. Even before I booked or paid anything the support and guidance that I received from Avalon was incredible, and this only got better once I arrived. It is very clear from my experience that everyone at Avalon loves what they do, and they genuinely love people and love helping people. I’ve never been on a retreat where I felt that the people behind running the retreat really genuinely cared about the retreat and their experience so much. Every detail was carefully thought about and planned, so that we could all have the best experience that we could with the medicines, and that we felt safe throughout.
I cannot thank Avalon enough for all of their incredible work, and would strongly recommend them to anyone interested in an Ayahuasca retreat. I would especially recommend Avalon to anyone who has never experienced Ayahuasca or other plant medicines before, as they are super accommodating of first times and people who are new to it.
An amazing place, with amazing people, providing amazing experiences. Thank you Avalon.”—Angus S.
“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the entire Avalon team for holding space for one of the most important and beautiful weeks of my life.
After my first experience with this sacred plant, I learned that medicine has it’s own timing, it’s own agenda when it comes to what kind of experience your going to have. The medicine itself worked very differently for every participant that I was in ceremony with. But each and everyone of us were so well taken care of, so well loved by the staff, the shamans and all the medicine helpers at Avalon.
With each ceremony that I did I felt a deepened sense of safety and unconditional compassion from those who held space for us.
The ceremonies were held with such sacred attention and devotion. The integration circles were very well organized and timely for the processing of our experiences. All of the practitioners who offer the one on one sessions were impeccable.
The land that the retreat is held on is stunning and so is the venue. Not to mention the delicious food…
Thank you so much to everyone at Avalon for your service and for holding the container for my journey with the medicine to begin, for such beauty and connection and love to be expressed. It was a truly life-changing week. I left feeling so full of love! I hope to work with you all again 🙂 Aho!”—Mia M.

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If you’re interested in reading more Ayahuasca experiences with Avalon ceremonies in Spain, you can find them on the Avalon Facebook Page or Reviews on Google. Any questions about the experience, please book a call with us today or check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Ayahuasca.

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