Shamanic Deep Dive Magic Mushrooms Ceremony

Apr 1, 2023

Past event

The journey

A profound and powerful experience with a Magic Mushrooms ceremonial dose in a compassionate, trauma-informed, shamanic container. Transformation and celebration. For advanced.

We will hold space for you to dive deep into a magical portal. We come together as a tribe to perform an act of collective shamanism – where our healing process contributes to the whole group.

Utilizing rituals, sacred sound tools, and shamanic techniques to support you to connect to the fungi spirit and receive deep healing. These ceremonies are designed for a maximum of 12 people who aim to have a stronger experience.

We will be guiding your journey with these ancient ancestral remedies within a beautiful setting in Barcelona city. A team of 6 experienced space holders, healers, and musicians will support you throughout – so you can feel safe to surrender fully to this beautiful medicine.


Your experience includes:

1 Magic Mushrooms ceremony by Maggie & Chris (shamanic practitioners with 6 years experience in plant medicine ceremonies).

1 Rapé ceremony (dried tobacco powder) – clearing the mind and cleansing the body and energy field, used in a combination with psilocybin mushrooms.

1 Integration sharing circle workshop.

1 Meal consisting of fruits, nuts and other foods always from high quality sources.

1 One-to-one preparation video call.

1 Online integration follow-up circle.

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Time & Date Details

April 1st, 2023, 20.30 – 07.30h


Barcelona, Spain

  • €250.00 – Ceremony
Reproducir vídeo
Date & Time Details

April 1st, 2023, 20.30 – 07.30h


Barcelona, Spain

  • €250.00 – Ceremony

You will also enjoy

Very high facilitator-to-guest ratio. A team of 8 people for a maximum of 12 participants will make sure you feel supported at all times.

Ceremony in an especially safe setting, with individualized attention from our healers. Our ceremony team consists of 6 experienced sacred space guardians and musicians.

Ceremony filled with live “medicine” music: a combination of multiple instruments and voices.

Easily accessible location in Europe (Barcelona) with direct flights from most of bigger cities.

Personal support before and after the ceremony – you will have a personal Avalon family member assigned, to guide you through the preparation and integration.

Magic Mushrooms preparation and integration guidelines documents.

Lifelong access to Avalon community, activities and support system.

Meet the family

Mauricio Albanés

Sage. Conventional and alternative medicine integrator. Seeker and sharer of truth.

Maggie Morgan

Divine feminine warrior. Spiritual Alchemist.

Chris Adeyoka

Creative joker. Finding humor, art, and compassion in all.

Abbey Sykes

Soul songstress. Grounded feminine energy with strength and vulnerability.

Alejandro Carbó
Guardian & Founder

Sun warrior. Indigenous knight who grounds and empowers to improve the world.

Add ons

Guidance Session | Avalon: Ayahuasca Retreats In Europe

One-to-one Psychotherapeutic Integration Sessions

The plant medicine integration process is equally as important as the journey itself. This is where the real day-to-day work begins. We know how challenging it can be and how important is to find someone you trust to guide you find harmony within - 2*60 minutes; online or in person.

See our space


1. Choose your ceremony

2. Reserve your spot

You will receive a confirmation email with all details

3. Fill in the medical intake form

To ensure safety and provide individualized support

4. Book a call with us

To know you personally and prepare you for the journey ahead

5. Plan your travels

Book the flights and accommodation

6. Prepare your body & mind

1 week before the ceremony, we will provide you preparation guidelines

7. Ceremony begins

Time to surrender – we will take care of everything else

8. Journey continues

We will support you with the integration process. The Avalon family will always be there for you


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Max. 12


Apr 1, 2023



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