The complete ayahuasca diet guide

Ayahuasca diet

Following the ayahuasca diet – or ‘la dieta’ – prior to your ayahuasca ceremonies or retreat is often recommended if you are looking to get the most out of your experience. However, what exactly is the ayahuasca diet? What should you eat and drink? What should you avoid? Why is it necessary? Read on to learn all the tips and guidelines you need to set yourself up for the optimal experience…

The complete ayahuasca diet guide

Why is the ayahuasca diet necessary?

In order to prepare yourself for your Ayahuasca journey it is essential, in our opinion, that you follow a traditional Amazonian diet. This diet will cleanse your body to ensure you will get the most out of your experience. By working with the plants, we not only access the biological healing properties of the plant on a physical level, but also connect with the nature spirits who work through them.

Your commitment to this diet will show the seriousness of your intention and your respect for the medicine which is crucial in developing a strong relationship with the spirits of the plants.

What exactly is the ayahuasca diet?

The most important way to become sensitized to Ayahuasca is through “sasina”, which the Napo Runa and Pastaza Runa translate as “ayuno,” or fast. This is essentially the same as what is known as the “dieta” among the mestizo shamans of Peru. It involves flavorless foods, no sexual stimulation, and avoidance of noise and unnecessary social interaction. For a shamanic apprentice, the “fast” allows them to dwell in the spirit world; flavorful foods and sexual stimulation would pull them back down into their body. For non-shamans, the “fast” makes them more sensitive and transparent to the plant spirits.

Unraveling the Mystery of the Origin of Ayahuasca BY Gayle Highpine
Ayahuasca diet friendly food prepped at Avalon in Barcelona, Spain.
Fresh fruit being served at our Avalon retreats

What should I avoid?

At Avalon, we recommend you to follow the diet strictly to maximise the benefits and show your commitment to the process, however, if by any chance you eat something on this list, do not stress about it – do your best and always remember – you are doing it for yourself.

1 week before and after the ceremony (if possible, extend it to 2 weeks)

  • Prescription drugs (unless approved by us)
  • Salt and pepper (e.g table salt, soy sauce, fish sauce, etc.)
  • Hot spices/chilies
  • Refined sugars and sweets
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine (coffee, green tea, black tea etc.)
  • Cacao, cocoa, and chocolate
  • Dairy products (milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc.)
  • Vinegar or pickled foods
  • Onion and garlic
  • Citrus fruits
  • Red meat
  • Oils and fats (except coconut/olive oil very sparingly for cooking)
  • Soft drinks, energy drinks, non-alcoholic beer
  • Fermented foods (kimchi, tofu, tempeh, etc.)
  • Overripe, bruised, and dried fruits
  • Protein extracts, powdered protein supplements and shakes
  • Yeast or yeast extracts (simple unleavened, unsalted breads are fine)

What should I eat?

Our recommendations for planning your meals are to use a combination of the following:

  • Proteins:
    • Eggs (poached, hard-boiled and scrambled)
    • Organic free-range chicken
    • Wild-caught mild fish (sole, seabass, turbot, tilapia, halibut, trout, snapper etc.)
    • Beans
  • Grains:
    • Brown rice
    • Lentils
    • Quinoa
    • Wheat berries
    • Amaranth
    • Glutenfree pasta
    • Whole wheat
    • Spelt
    • Kamut
  • Beverages:
    • Herbal teas
    • Coconut water
    • Nut milk
    • Water
  • All vegetables (except onions and garlic)
  • All fruits (except citrus and overripe fruits)
  • Unsalted, raw nuts and seeds
  • Ideas for seasoning your foods:
    • Fresh herbs (basil, oregano, thyme, sage, dill, etc.)
    • Mild spices (cumin, coriander, dill, sage, etc.)
Ayahuasca diet friendly food prepped at Avalon in Barcelona, Spain.
Nature’s candy served up with a smile under the sun at Avalon

What else is important to bear in mind?

In addition to the literal diet that focuses your attention on a select number of foods and drinks, it is also recommended to follow further practices that help cleanse the mind, body, and spirit to prepare you as best as possible for ayahuasca.

For example, 5-6 weeks before ceremony (unless a shorter period is approved by us), we strongly advise stopping taking all anti-depressant medications. Furthermore, 2 weeks before and after any ayahuasca ceremonies, it is wise to abstain from all recreational drugs (cocaine, MDMA, LSD, cannabis, etc.) that may otherwise cloud your chemistry.

It’s also extremely important to cleanse your energetic space in the weeks before and after ceremony. This care tends to fall into two general categories:

a) Ayahuasca and sexuality
When you connect with another person in a sexual way, you share deeply the energy with that person and there is a great deal of spiritual exchange. That exchange may cause you to “absorb“ energies from another person which may not be in line with your own healing and transformation. So, to maintain the integrity and the momentum of your healing it is very important that you keep your energy to yourself. Therefore, we strongly recommend no sexual activities of any kind, including masturbation for one week before.

b) Energetic space
The spiritual preparation for a healing experience involves clearing your mind and your energetic space. Take a break from your television and Netflix subscription, cut down your Internet time, try to listen to more relaxing music, and spend more time in quiet solitude. Get out into nature as much as you can to breathe and connect with Earth. We also recommend you to have long and powerful rests the nights before the retreat. You may find the extra energy very useful.

If you are looking for a safe, holistic and transformative ayahuasca retreat in Europe, Spain or Barcelona where you can experience the full potential of this ancient plant medicine in a sacred, ceremonial setting, we welcome you to explore our retreats and book your spot to join us.

Our chefs, Marina and Abel, and the accompanying team prepare and serve two meals a day, freshly prepared on a daily basis from organic local sources in an ayahuasca-friendly manner. We also host five food awareness workshops, helping you get in touch with the nourishing food you are gifting your body.

Step into your new life, and start your own transformation with Avalon.

The Avalon Team

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The complete ayahuasca diet guide

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