Avalon Ayahuasca Retreats in Barcelona, Spain

From 7th of June 2021 all passengers who come from Schengen area, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, China, Israel, the United Kingdom and Japan have free entry into Spanish territory if 1) they are already vaccinated, 2) they have already passed the disease or 3) presenting a negative test carried out maximum 48 hours before.

However, if due to COVID-19 related circumstances you would not be able to attend the retreat you booked, we offer a flexible reservation policy. Upon your notification of the maximum of two weeks, you will be able to transfer your deposit with the same conditions to any of our future retreats.

post retreat integration coaching

Post retreat integration coaching – online or in person

Team: Nessy Haffani and Benjo Podlech

Open Dates
Your journey doesn’t finish at the end of the retreat. It continues long after… We personally know how challenging the post retreat integration can be. You break apart, your belief systems are questioned, your perceptions are shaken and yet you come back to your old life while new you wants…
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