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  • King Room for 2 with a private bathroom – €4,300.00
  • Shared Twin Room with a private bathroom – €2,150.00
  • Private Room with a private bathroom – €3,300.00
  • Private Room with a shared bathroom – €2,950.00

Date & Time Details: August 16th, 2022, 10.00h

Location: Barcelona, Spain

+34 637 735 322

6 day Holistic Ayahuasca Retreat in Barcelona, Spain

Team: Ness Dalgà, Benjo Podlech, Nessy Haffani, Marina Fernández, Chris Adeyoka, Marguerite Morgan, Carla Magna, Victor Carbó, Abel Jalal and Alejandro Carbó

August 16 - 21, 2022

Avalon takes you on a holistic self-discovery and deep healing journey combining ancient wisdom of sacred plant Ayahuasca with a strong integration program and personalized care.


Your experience includes:

  • 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies by experienced (>10 years) shamans trained in Colombia (Muisca tradition) or Peru (Shipibo tradition).
  • 4 Rapé ceremonies (dried tobacco powder) – clearing the mind and cleansing the body and energy field, used in a combination with Ayahuasca.
  • 4 Integration workshops with a trained psychologist, combining diverse and creative methods, such as sharing circles, writing, art therapy and ecstatic dance.
  • 1 Individual guidance session, designed to integrate your unique experience into your daily life and ensure lasting change.
  • 1 Access Bars – energetic therapy facilitating release of limiting beliefs.
  • 1 Shamanic Breathwork.
  • 1 Healing Massage.
  • 5 Yoga and meditation sessions suitable for all levels.
  • 1 Masculine and Feminine circle.
  • 12 meals prepared fresh daily from high quality sources in an Ayahuasca friendly manner.
  • 5 Food awareness workshops.
  • 5 nights luxurious and spacious accommodations.
  • Transport service from/to Barcelona airport or center.


You will also enjoy:

  • A protected property with 650.000 m2 of elegant gardens surrounded by two natural lakes and a river.
  • Stunning and spacious ceremonial space with comfortable beds and big windows towards nature.
  • Access to our private on-site pool.
  • Easily accessible location in Europe (Barcelona) with direct flights from most of bigger cities.
  • High facilitator-to-guest ratio.  A team of 25 will ensure that you feel supported at all times.
  • Personal support before and after the retreat – you will have a personal Avalon family member assigned, to guide you through the preparation and integration.
  • Ceremonies in an especially safe setting, with individualized attention from our healers. Our “night” team consists of 6 experienced sacred space guardians and musicians.
  • Ceremonies filled with live “medicine” music: a combination of multiple instruments and voices.
  • Lifelong access to Avalon community, activities and support system.
  • High speed wifi (although we encourage our guests to disconnect as much as possible).





Ness Dalgà
Listening to the call of her spirit towards personal development and what was her true mission, Ness began approaching different courses and workshops on Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Wingwave Coaching, Quantum Healing Therapies, Accompaniments to grief and Death, Tapping, Teacher of Kundalini yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Emotional Decoding, Akashic Records and…
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Benjo Podlech
Archetype: Grounded tiger that pushes the limits to wake up the soul potential. Spiritual comedian. Creator of new versions. Role: 10 years of experience with plant medicines. Guardian and musician of sacred ceremony space. Psychology, guidance and integration. Divine masculine circles. Personal journey: My mission in this life is to…
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Nessy Haffani
Archetype: Unconditional lover. Unites and connects people by flow and pure love. Role: Spiritual host. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Guidance and healing massage therapist. Personal journey: I’ve always seen my life like a Disney movie, starting as an innocent little girl – playing and exploring, having an amazing loving family,…
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Marina Fernández
Archetype: Gentle caregiver. Nourishes with love. Increases awareness through food, art and color. Role: Mindful and chromatic chef. Dancer and Pilates instructor. Personal journey: As a dancer and a mover, I always  researched how my body can function better. I investigated and studied different diets and I found a map in…
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Chris Adeyoka
ARCHETYPE: Creative joker. Finding humor, art and compassion in all areas of life. ROLE: Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Space holder of masculine circles. PERSONAL JOURNEY: With a background in finance and administrative work I found myself within a holistic environment after my own experiences with plant medicines. I have a…
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Marguerite Morgan
Archetype: Divine feminine warrior. Spiritual Alchemist. Role: Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Facilitator of Feminine Circles. Personal Journey: Throughout my life I had always felt different, as a child I took time in solitude and liked to sing to the trees and the flowers, make ‘witches brews’ from garden weeds and…
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Carla Magna
ARCHETYPE: Wild woman. Fiery bruja. Awakens your power and your feminine instinctive psyche. ROLE: Yoga instructor. Divine feminine circles. PERSONAL JOURNEY: My life has always been filled with mysticism. As a kid I was instinctively drawn to throwing cards, consulting oracles and reading “the future” in crystals and special stones.…
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Victor Carbó
Archetype: Smiling face. Energetic learner of life. Friend of the sacred fire. Role: Lawyer. General assistant. My personal journey:At the beginning of 2018 I was not well, I did not assume maturing, growing up and becoming an adult. I looked longingly at my previous stage. That winter my brother invited me…
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Abel Jalal
Archetype: Humble creator and alchemist. A caring being who lives in full and sincere gratitude. Role: Medicine chef. Inventive foresight to transform the culinary world into medicine and breathtaking work of art. My personal journey: My journey began at a very young age when for the first time I knew…
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Alejandro Carbó
Archetype: Light warrior who grounds and empowers. Role: Founder. Spiritual “orchestra” conductor. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Guidance and integration. My personal journey: I am deeply passionate about creating beauty. Passion is nothing but love turned into action, it is the fire that guide us towards expressing who we really…
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