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  • €50.00 – Yawanawá rapé ceremony

Date & Time Details: September 14th, 2021, 20.00 - 23.00h

Location: Barcelona, Spain

Address: Frizzant ~ Yoga Studio & Healthy Restaurant, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Barcelona, Spain

+34 637 735 322

Introducing Yawanawá tribe. Rapé ceremony, traditional songs and face painting in Barcelona, Spain

September 14, 2021

Avalon introduces you the Yawanawá tribe.

Rapé ceremony

Traditional songs

Face painting

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Waxy Yawanawá | Mawa Yuxyn

Waxy is one of the very few women of the Yawanawá people who completed the sacred 1 year Muka diet. She entered the spiritual path and opened her own spiritual study center at Mawa Yuxyn (Spirits Mountain), a place known to be home to the spirits of children, women and men whom people passing by with boats would hear laugh, cry, talk, but when entering the jungle mountain no one was ever found to be there.
Waxy has been the guardian of Mawa Yuxyn for three years now, and there she receives people from all over the world, healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ailments, and opening life paths amongst other spiritual practices.
She is only getting started as she is still building Mawa Yuxyn’s infrastructure but she is already well known for her powerful work, compassionate motherly heart and magical voice.
She travels throughout Brazil, Europe and the United States doing spiritual retreats and also welcomes people for deeper work and diets in her center.
An experience with her is one to surely change your life.