The Avalon Family

Avalon, in historical myth, was a place of healing, equality, harmony, and magic. Since evoking this name in the present, we’ve experienced events revealing the great force of nature that is Avalon. A force that cleanses and orders inside and outside, on earth, the old ways, hurts, and beliefs, that today are not coherent with our desire.
Avalon is an energetic place where the masculine and feminine exist as complementary forces in creation. Western humans and modern social systems have historically emphasized polarities and divisions, rather than complementary unity. We act with this great force of unity, as it also cleanses us. Meet the family that chooses to work with this force and considers it sacred.
Meet the family,

Meet our family

Benjo Podlech

ARCHETYPE: Grounded tiger that pushes the limits to wake up the soul potential. Spiritual comedian. Creator of new versions.

ROLE: 10 years of experience with plant medicines. Guardian and musician of sacred ceremony space. Psychology, guidance and integration. Divine masculine circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My mission in this life is to service to life. I’m a warrior and a guardian who protects life and its expressions, helping people all over the world to feel the sacredness of being alive…

Nessy Haffani

ARCHETYPE: Unconditional lover. Unites and connects people by flow and pure love. 

ROLE: Spiritual host. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Guidance and healing massage therapist.

PERSONAL JOURNEY:  I’ve always seen my life like a Disney movie, starting as an innocent little girl – playing and exploring, having a loving family, feeling safe, with a lot of dreams and hopes.
Then the drama started and turned everything that was beautiful into darkness and pain. A long journey of suffering pushed that innocent girl to build walls of protection and armour around her warm little heart so she could survive…

Marina Fernández

ARCHETYPE: Gentle caregiver. Nourishes with love. Increases awareness through food, art and color.

ROLE: Mindful and chromatic chef. Dancer and Pilates instructor.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: As a dancer and a mover, I always  researched how my body can function better. I investigated and studied different diets and I found a map in color to help me to organize my creativity and expand the knowledge from different branches of food awareness and over the world recipes. I surrender to the fact that all what we eat affects us as human beings but we nourish as well through our senses. I’d like to bring a bit of that concept in a special journey and allow …

Gabriel Sabou

ARCHETYPE: Noble altruist. Creativity and imagination.

ROLE: Healing massage therapist with an extensive knowledge of osteopathy and quiromassage techniques.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My encounter with Madre Ayahuasca has entirely transformed my life. A couple of years ago I was stuck in a continuous search for something more while at the same time struggling with alcohol and over-eating. My first contact with the medicine has been very important because it showed me this part of me that…

Susy Shikoda

ARCHETYPE: Caregiver, Magician and Wonder woman.

ROLE: Guardian of sacred ceremony space,  Feminine circles,  Neuro coach and Mind Trainer.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: I am a citizen of the world, I currently live in London, but have lived in Spain, Italy, Japan, Russia, Croatia and Hong Kong. Daughter of women healers, my grandmother was a witchdoctor, my maternal grandmother delivered babies, I grew up in the middle of Brazilian magic and rituals… the “Orixás” and oriental philosophy (PL – Perfect Liberty). My mother always took me to participate in ceremonies and spiritual rituals teaching me everything about plants and …

Paul Arguelles

ARCHETYPE: Older brother. Protector with the biggest heart. Strong healthy masculine.

ROLE: Shamanic Breathwork and Meditation.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: I come from a very sporty but also educated family. I have fought professionally around 30 times all around the world, most notably winning at Max Muay Thai tournament in Thailand and Kunlun Fight in China.

Shorlty after these most notable events my career was ended in its prime due to a mystery sickness which was not helped at all by conventional methods, the doctors said that…

Marguerite Morgan

ARCHETYPE: Divine feminine warrior. Spiritual Alchemist.

ROLE: Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Facilitator of Feminine Circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: Throughout my life I had always felt different, as a child I took time in solitude and liked to sing to the trees and the flowers, make ‘witches brews’ from garden weeds and write poetry. I had always been a very sensitive soul and from a young age, it felt as though I carried too much pain.  After experiencing multiple traumas in my younger life, I lost my way and became disconnected from myself – and then chose to keep escaping and dissociating in any way I could …

Chris Adeyoka

ARCHETYPE: Creative joker. Finding humor, art and compassion in all areas of life.

ROLE: Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Space holder of masculine circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: With a background in finance and administrative work I found myself within a holistic environment after my own experiences with plant medicines. I have a personal shamanic practice with which I live my life, following a Celtic Druidic approach to this. I spend my life looking for art and beauty in every situation, striving to make beauty out of my own shadows. However before entering this world I worked for most of my twenties within …

Carla Magna

ARCHETYPE: Wild woman. Fiery bruja. Awakens your power and your feminine instinctive psyche.

ROLE: Yoga instructor. Divine feminine circles.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My life has always been filled with mysticism. As a kid I was instinctively drawn to throwing cards, consulting oracles and reading “the future” in crystals and special stones. I was obsessed with ancient Egypt, vampires and magic. Since I was 6, I secretly called myself witch Ka (Ka meaning life force or spirit). When I reached the age of 12, the patriarchy’s ethos of dominance, greed, violence, war and separation killed little witch Ka. I became detached from my femininity …

Abel Jalal

ARCHETYPE: Humble creator and alchemist. A caring being who lives in full and sincere gratitude.

ROLE: Medicine chef. Inventive foresight to transform the culinary world into medicine and breathtaking work of art.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: My journey began at a very young age when for the first time I knew what loneliness was, non-identification and completely not knowing what love tasted like, in any form. After many changes of places and environments, and no one came close -not a bit- to caress the deep emptiness that lived inside me. And without having a clue that I was building a solid wall around …

Victor Carbó

ARCHETYPE: Smiling face. Energetic learner of life. Friend of the sacred fire.

ROLE: Lawyer. General assistant.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: At the beginning of 2018 I was not well, I did not assume maturing, growing up and becoming an adult. I looked longingly at my previous stage. That winter my brother invited me to an Ayahuasca retreat and since I have always liked trying new things, I agreed. After a very difficult night I understood that growing up is good. From that retreat, I began a committed path of traveling; ceremonies of all kinds, readings, meditating and breathing became a very important …

Alejandro Carbó

ARCHETYPE: Light warrior who grounds and empowers.

ROLE: Founder. Spiritual “orchestra” conductor. Guardian of sacred ceremony space. Guidance and integration.

PERSONAL JOURNEY: I am deeply passionate about creating beauty. Passion is nothing but love turned into action, it is the fire that guide us towards expressing who we really are. The product of that love, then, became Avalon. A great canvas where I paint with conscience and, together with a wonderful family, we trace colors, textures and shapes…

Meet our Ayahuasca Retreats Shamans

Ness Dalgà

Listening to the call of her spirit towards personal development and what was her true mission, Ness began approaching different courses and workshops on Coaching, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Wingwave Coaching, Quantum Healing Therapies, Accompaniments to grief and Death, Tapping, Teacher of Kundalini yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Emotional Decoding, Akashic Records and different specialties on human behavior and other holistic therapies. Thus she began to approach medicines, which have ended up becoming her path. Among other medicines, she learned about Ayahuasca from her Master of the Shipibo tradition in Peru, where she was given permission to share the sacred ceremony, in which she connected with the music and this powerful healing. Later she has continued and continues to expand her knowledge by visiting the jungle regularly and learning from …

Eric van den Hove

Belgian-born, Columbian-based Shaman. ⁠Eric has more than 10 years of training in Colombia, and has received approval by different masters from indigenous tribes (Cofán, Siona and Muisca).⁠ 

He is someone that brings the ancient tradition of Muisca to the Western world acting as a bridge.⁠ ⁠His ceremonies normally start with a circle of word, where he shares ancestral knowledge about topics relevant to every one of us. This is followed by live medicine music and strong and grounded presence allowing deep healing work.

Andrés Trujillo

Also known as Sita Ie. Medicine musician of Muisca ancestral tradition formed by men and women sharing ancestral knowledge through the use of sacred plants, based in the center of Colombia. Holds ceremonies together with Eric Van Den Hove.

Cecile Ehlen

An experienced Rapé (tobacco plant) medicine woman & facilitator of sacred plant medicine ceremonies together with Eric Van Den Hove.

Meet our Peyote Retreats Shaman

Kuauhtli Vasquez

Kuauhtli Vasquez is a powerful guide to the ancient Mexican Nahualt culture. He is one of the leaders of the global indigenous rights movement in Mexico and the chief representative of Native American culture at the United Nations. Kuauhtli’s years of involvement in the human rights movement served as a preparation for his current path. He created the Native American Church and for the past 25 years has devoted himself to performing authentic ceremonies, combining traditional dances, songs, and Mother Earth’s herbal medicine. Kuauhtli conducts Mexican flower ceremonies “Xochitl in Cuicatl”, Native American Church tipi meetings, Temazcal -sweat lodge- and Mexica danza. He visited 36 countries, while actively promoting the legalisation and medial research of peyote and other entheogen.